Neighbors …Friends … Adopted Family?

Do you have to be related to someone to be family? Could it be a friend that is like a sister or brother? Can a neighbor be that close?

Yes a neighbor and a friend can be close enough to a person to be family. Blood ties don’t always tell the truth. I have neighbors that are closer to me than my own family. I am famous for adopting people and Rain and John are two of the people in my apartment complex that I have done that with. We seem to get along, they understand the way that I think and the fact that I am challenged and I have been able to help them when they have problems that they need to talk about, or a shoulder to cry on.

John is one person that I don’t have to worry about complaining how I look due to the fact that he is blind. He never complains about the food and has more than once said that it is really good.

Rain and I have both had challenges in our live and we are able to understand how the other person feels when times are hard. We have had our good times and our bad times but each time the other needs an emotional shoulder to stand on, we are there. It has been that way since I first met her.

More and more I don’t see people helping each other and it pisses me off. Why can’t kids see past the most recent game on their phone. I have seen teen age kids that won’t help someone with getting their groceries up the stairs because they aren’t getting paid for it. I have had young kids say they will help me with mine IF I give them a six pack of soda in payment.

That is not the way that it should go. It should be due to the fact that they want to help someone out.

Am I strange for feeling this way? Am I wrong for feeling this way?


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