US Army…

Would you be willing to do anything for this country? Would you be willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for it?

I have heard the current President of this great land say that Senator John McCain is not a hero. My problem is that the current President has never served in the military. He says that Senator John McCain is not really a hero due to the fact that he was captured during his time in the military. Understand this, a hero is a person who has the choice of being able to go home or stay with their troops. Senator McCain knew that due to who his father was, he would have been used as propaganda if he left his troops. He made a choice and stayed.

While Senator John McCain was suffering, the current President was getting waivers to prevent from getting drafted. He said he was in school and had bad feet so he couldn’t serve in the military.

I was able to. I am a female and have had a hard time but I will still stand by my country. I have seen the pain and suffering from a person who has too much power. We have been there before and have said never again. Now we have a person who wants to put us in the same problem as before.

NEVER AGAIN! This should be more than a set of words but a reminder of the past.


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