Rent/Food = Net vs Gross

When a person must choose between food and rent or paying a bill that should be covered by the medical assistance that they have, what choice do they really have? Most people would choose feeding their family over paying the bill and hope that the insurance would kick in.

When they must go to the State for assistance, why is it that the decision on if they get help is made off their gross income and not the net income? I have seen it happen time and time again and now it is happening to me.

My main medical was through the VA Medical system. When I lost my job, they based on if I could afford my medication copayment off my gross income from the previous year. This is technical issue number 1. Now, I had just lost my job at the time and they want to use the previous year’s gross income to see if I can pay for my medications.

I went to the State of Washington to get assistance and informed them of what was going on. I could get limited food assistance but to get cash once again I was told that I made too much gross income on my unemployment and my disability check counted as ‘unearned income‘. (WTF?!?!) My disability is a service connected disability from when I was in the US Army. This is technical issue number 2.

I found that my disabilities were preventing me from getting a job but I looked and applied more than what was needed.

During this time, my husband couldn’t be on SSI due to the gross unearned income. Now let’s look at this for a second. He gets his SSI taken away because my jobs gross income is too much. He also loses his health insurance again due to my gross income. We keep getting told that if I lost my job he could get it reactivated, then it was when my unemployment ran out, he could reapply due to it had been over a year.

So, the decision was made for me to try to get on SSDI and my husband to get his SSI back when I ran out of unemployment. So, we go through the process and I get told I am not disabled enough to get SSDI and that I would have to file an appeal. So, I did. Got denied a second time, appeal again.

My husband who had been told time and time again that his history and the fact that he had been on SSI for as long as he had and the conditions that he has are as disabling as they are that it would be taken into consideration. Not! This is problem number 3 and the entire time bills are piling up.

Contacted the State of Washington and found out that to get any cash to pay bills, my VA check would have to be under $248.00. When I told them the amount I was told it was too much and that we didn’t qualify. So, a family of two that are both disabled get punished for the simple fact that the system has not updated itself from who knows when.

The fact that they and every other help program uses the gross income of the person instead of the net to figure out how much help the person needs to get is sick. The more that a person is in need the more they get told that their gross income is the problem.

What is wrong with the United States when people who are disabled get treated this way? Is it too hard for people to see us as normal people and not as people who are trying to scam the system? Do they think that we enjoy feeling and having to go through this?


Suggestions Please

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Conintelpro …

Have you ever heard of conintelpro? Do you want to have to admit that the government would do some very low things to keep the status quo? 

You may think I am talking about a conspiracy theory but there’s been operations like this for ages. The first time it came to light was in the 1970’s. Some people in Philadelphia had broken into a government office to destroy the draft cards. What they found were the documents on what came to be known as conintelpro.

It showed that the government had surpressed certain groups of people that wanted to change the current system. This was not only African American people, but Native American people, Hispanic and White people that wanted change. People had been arrested on fake charges, shot, murdered and there was no accountability for what the government was doing.

Now we have limited freedoms due to the government wanting to prevent another terror attack. How long before it is a true police state?

Reality Time… 

When I say reality time, what do I mean? I am seeing the danger that is there and those who are blinded to it. If you see the truth, it will set you free. The trick is to see the truth for what it is.

Some will say that it is a conspiracy theory. Something to scare people. Others will say ‘That is interesting’ and forget what they read. A few will see the questions and dig deeper.

With the new president in office, there was a chance for change. The problem is that the person needs to see beyond the power and see what they need to to do. The problem is money talks and often louder than the people who have seen the truth. 

Everyone needs to have medical insurance and be able to afford it. Those who have prexisting conditions should get the same medical insurance without having to pay extra for it. 

When people who say that the Affordable Care Act is broken, need to see the good that it does. There are people who would have to choose between meals and the rent. There are those who wouldn’t be living if the Affordable Care Act wasn’t in place. 

Some people say that the person who has these conditions, that they are a waste of space. My question is how can a living, breathing person be a waste of space? How can anyone make that choice? Could you? I know that I couldn’t do it. To me life (all life) is sacred. 

I’m allegric to bee’s. Even though the sting of one can kill me, I can’t kill a bee. Sounds strange doesn’t it. That is the way I feel. All life is sacred and there is the problem. While those who have taken a life need to deal with the information that they did. These people could work while doing the time for taking of a life.

Hidden Cities…


Where are the hidden cities of the world? Why are they able to tell us so much about what has happened before and why are they able to tell the future? This is so true and so scary at the same time.

If you look at the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, you will see that history shows us that Mt. Vesuvius do a lot of damage. If you look to the past and that Mt. Vesuvius has buried the two cities. There is also the fact that there is proven ash deposits in Naples. When you look at the dangers would you honestly want to build there without the simple fact that you are going to have to at some point in time evacuate the city.

If you look at the history of the reasons that the Mayan’s ended up having to leave the great cities of Tikal and others. You will see that when you take advantage of the planet that there is damage that is going to hit you several times over. With the Mayans, you will find that they had cut down too many trees and the rains that would have helped them, ended up washing the good lands away. The trees that held the lands in place had been destroyed, the crops were failing and the people no longer trusted the Gods to take care of them. The cities were abandon and the people went back to the lands.

This shows that if you abuse the planet, then you will have to deal with what is the results. The planet is a living, breathing, entity and you need to respect her. When you cut down all the trees, you are removing the planets lungs. When you put too much Carbon Dioxide in the air, the planet has a harder time in dealing with it.

When Mt. St. Helens in Washington State erupted in 1980, it was a wakeup call for the people of Washington State. While she is in a remote area her sister Mt. Rainier, is part of the same range and a bigger danger for several reasons. There are the cities that are built on Lahars (mud flows) and that don’t have good evacuation plans. While people look at the City of Orting, what about the fact that parts of the City of Tacoma are built on the same lahars. How do you evacuate parts of the City of Tacoma, one of the larger cities in the State of Washington? When the ash cloud will cripple so much of the area, you are going to have a hard time doing much of anything.

Then there are the health issues that are going to have to be considered. Volcanic Ash isn’t the same ash as what is in your fireplace. It is microscopic pieces of glass and rock. If you get that into your lungs then you are going to be shredding the lungs and when that combination mixes with the water in your lungs it turns to a form of concrete. How do you get food when cars can’t drive due to the ash, planes can’t fly due to the ash?

We need to see what we are doing and change our ways or we will end up being a hidden city, due to mother nature taking it’s revenge on us.

News vs Fake News vs Reality

With everything that is going on with Trump, do we know what is going on around the world? There is so much more than just what is on the local news. I will show the sites that I use to make my points. I currently worry about things in the country that are not getting told the people.

  • Medical Reform: The bill that President Trump tried to get through the house and senate had more problems than resolved. They said that it would bring down the cost but at the same time it was going to take away several things that the Affordable Care Act brings to the country. With the Affordable Care Act in place there are over 25 million people that have insurance. They would lose their insurance if The ACA is repealed and replaced.


  • Syria: The formal cap of amount of troops that we can have in Syria is 503. President Trump is sending an additional 400 people to Syria. This is double of what the cap is. These are the Rangers, and a Marine artillery unit. ( ) These are our brothers and sisters, our parents that we aren’t being told where they are going. We aren’t being told that they are in danger.


  • Wiretapping: President Trump has been saying that repeatedly that President Obama had his phones wiretapped during the election and prior to his taking power. The simple fact is that it under investigation and there are current laws that say that an accidental capture is not the same as intentional.

Bad Houses…

Can a house be born bad? Can they have a soul? Or bad dreams? Would you ever stay in a house that you know is supposeably ‘haunted’?

There are so many people who say that houses can’t have a spirit or a soul, but the question is why. The house itself is made be of wood and stone but those are parts of nature. Could it be that nature is able to accept and store what it is exposed to? This is one of the things that we need to think about. If those who live in the buildings are having mental health issues, can that go insanity go into the building? Could the land itself have the memories of the troubles?

What would you do if you had a house like that? Would you destroy it? Would you try to bring positive energy into the house? What would you do?

I have heard different stories on places and how people deal with them. I haven’t been able to prove or disprove any of it so there are those that are going to say that it is just myth and that is fine with me.

One of the myths that I have heard is that people after they pass can spend time if their lives have ended in tragedy in the location that are most comfortable. Some see this as a form of purgatory others see it as not wanting to cross over.

Some people say that the dead walk next to us. That they are in a city of the dead that is held separate by a sheet of space and time. When hauntings happen, it is due to a tragedy having split the sheet and the dead are able to come through.

Others say that the person is instantly judged and that the judgement is final. They face whomever they believe in and that is their only chance at going to a happier place or a darker place.

There is one thing that I have found time after time that seems to be the same with most ‘modern’ religions. That is that there is no gray. It is straight black and white. I am sorry the only person that is so pure is a new born child and some religions believe even that we are born through sin.

When you go back to the older religions there are a few differences. Several have it to where the tombs are like houses for the dead. The nicer the tomb the better liked and well off the person was. You will see this in Ancient Egyptian history a lot. When the Nile River Valley and Delta were first inhabited, the people would bury the dead in the sands of the desert. They soon found that wild animals would desecrate the body’s and soon were making the first tombs. The tombs got bigger and better, but it wouldn’t matter how beautiful the tombs were if the balance wasn’t kept then the soul was judged according.

The Ancients believed in balance. That is what was important to them. Everything in the Ancient Egyptian world was built on balance. When a person had passed over, the Book of the Dead was a scroll that was buried with them to help them navigate through the dangers that awaited in the transition to paradise. The last and biggest danger was the weighing of the heart. The Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the ‘house of the soul’ and therefore when it was weighed against Maat’s feather the scales had to balance. If the scales didn’t balance, then the soul wouldn’t pass through to paradise. It would be eaten by a creature called the devourer.

So, whether a house is where your soul is or the building that you live in, it will hold the traits of the person living in it. If the person is not in balance then the house is not going to be in balance and then you get a ‘bad house’.

It all depends on your point of view. What do you believe in? Could your house be a ‘bad house’ without you realizing it?

Suggestions Please

I am having some rather challenging times with figuring out what to write about so if you have any ideas please feel free to send me an email at and put suggestions in the title. I would really love it and it helps me figure out what you would like to hear about.




A Few Oops!

These are a few of the oops that I have heard over the years in the world of banking, customer support, and tech support. Some will sound funny as ever, others will be like WTF was the person thinking?

  • The first one had to do when ATMs started to do deposits. When I worked for a bank in the Greater Seattle Area, I had a call from a bank manager that said that they had a customer that had done a deposit and it wasn’t showing up on the account. When I pulled up the account, the deposit wasn’t showing. I asked the manager if he could take the customer on the cell phone that they were talking on to go to the ATM and tell me what she had done. She went through the steps of putting the card in, putting the pin in and then said something that made me fight to keep my profession control. She said “I put the deposit in the W.A.S.T.E. box.” The way she said it was wastee’ box. I asked her to point on the machine so the manager could see where it was. She pointed to the garbage area and to her credit it said ‘WASTE’ and she was older. The manager said that he could handle it from there. I told the customer that the manager would help her and the box that she had put the deposit in was the trash can. She started to laugh as the manager, with me on the phone, went through the garbage and found her deposit envelope and showed her how to do the deposit. When I got off the phone I had to take a break due to the fact I was laughing so hard.


  • While stilling working at the bank, a customer called in and said she needed help with her online banking. So, I went through and she said she loved her new computer and she loved the fact that it had a ‘coffee cup holder’ built in. I got her bills paid and as we were getting ready to hang up I asked her about the coffee cup holder. She said she pushes a little button and it slid out. When I asked where on the computer it was she said next to the floppy slot. (It was the CD Rom.)


  • When I worked for a phone/internet/cable provider we had an outage to where the phones in an area didn’t work. This was nothing new, it happens from time to time. So, working in the phone tech support part, we were busy. People wanted their calls to be routed to their cell phones. When we were doing, that people were having a field day because their phones didn’t work. The problem was that part of our main lines had been cut by a person with the intention of disrupting phone service. We had rerouted about 275 phones when we couldn’t access the main program anymore. So, we would have customer’s yelling at the customer support people and we are going, the program is down and there is nothing we can do. Yelling at a person in customer support when there is a major problem doesn’t help. They are doing the best that they can.


  • How to resolve the phone issue: if your phone company has an application on the Google play store or the Apple store, download it and you can still access the main phone line but if the issue is a major one then please be patient. The people are doing the best that they can.

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