What is a hero?

What is a hero? Is it possible for any one to be one? Are there special requirements to be a hero?

In my opinion a hero can be anyone, at anytime without any prerequisite. When we have a house fire, people call the fire department to put it out. When there is a medical emergency, we call the doctor. When there is a wildfire, we assume that the fire department is going to work to put it out. That is where assuming is the challenge. In California there’s a group of wildfire specialist that are of all things… Non violent offender’s from the California Prison system. 

These are men that are in prison for non-violent acts and have good behavior. They are flying in the line of danger to protect someone’s house. Now some people may think it is a way for them to pay for the crime that they did, however, would you be willing to go to a known dangerous area to protect someone’s home that you don’t know?

A hero can be anyone, a police officer, a good semaritan who knows C.P.R. or the person who works at the airport and catches drugs that were being mailed to the USA. It depends on your views on what a hero is.


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