Ancient Egyptian Chariots = F-16

Welcome to the Wild World of Mythology

The Ancient Egyptian Chariots were the F-16’s of their times. We find that Ramses the Second used them in the Battle of Qadesh or the Battle of Kadesh, depending on how you spell it. We will need a magic carpet for this one as we are going back in time.

The battle took place during the 5th year of Ramses the second’s reign. They had been told that the Hittites were on the run and they were far away. Ramses believed it. They went to Kadesh and found that it was a trap. Ramses found that he had to fight to stay alive. He used his chariots in a unique way. They were fast. They could they be used on relatively smooth ground.

The Egyptian Chariots were able to to do strafing runs. There would be two people on it. One would be the driver and the other would be an archer…

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