The Way of the One…

Ever feel as if you are living in an alternate universe? That some how things aren’t always what they seem? I know the feeling all too well and the simple fact is that the more I try to find the truth, the worse it seems to get. I find five basic questions help a lot; who, what, where, when, why and how. It works as a filter for the Junk Food News.

If you look at the way things are going it seems like we are living in an alternate world. We have had for the longest time certain trust in our media to tell us the truth and it seems like what they give us is ‘Junk Food News’.

Our free press is supposed to be free, outside the censorship of the government, outside the corporate mainstream, independent of what is being said by the people in charge. I was listening to a show on Amazon Prime the other day and it made me wonder about some things. How much of what the mainstream media is ‘Junk Food News’ and how much is real news?

When I try to figure a problem like this out I will often go to sites that are outside the United States to get their point of view on things. BBC World is one of my favorite sites due to the fact that I can cross reference the information that I find.

This is one that I found that made me say ‘OMG – What is going on?’ I was watching (when I had cable) MSNBC and the newscaster interrupted a Senator of the United States Government because a musician had just gotten arrested for drugs. I am sorry but this is why I say that there is a lot of ‘Junk Food News’. A Senator is much more important than some new young kid getting arrested for drugs.

Now I understand to some young teen age kid it might be the other way around but with the way things are going here, now, in this country – we need to know the truth about what is going on.

There is a series of questions I ask myself when listening to the news or reading something. They are the same set of questions that we were taught in school on how to make sure we had all the information on a paper that we had to do. Who, what, where, when, why  and how … now in the news that is the most important things to think about.If a person is going to watch your news show and you have 4 stories to lead with … what would make the most sense to go with. Would you choose the fluffy dog stuck on a roof, which is a feel good story? Would you go with North Korea firing off ‘test’ rockets? What about the President’s interaction with another country? Or would you go with the old rule of if it ‘bleeds it leads’?

I ask this because fear is a real driver in the world. If you are scared of something then you have a tendency to react to it in a way that is not always the best. When you look at what has happened as of late, there has been a lot of bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers, why? According to CNN on the 28th of February over 100, how many heard about it? ( ) So again it has to come down to doing the research on what is important to you.


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