Mentally Unfit to Serve…

America – we have a severe problem! The current President is Unfit to serve and if we don’t do something we are going to have a serious problems very soon. People need to see that things that are being done are against the Constitution of the United States.

Some people will say that I am a ‘Trump basher’ and it is not that, I am only pointing out what I see. I have seen what the hate can do, I have seen how people react to soldiers after having lived in an environment where they can’t speak freely. I was in Germany when I was in the Army and I remember the people that would see us in uniform and they were very formal and you could see the fear in them. Those same people could be seen relaxed when they saw us in civilian clothes but if they saw your military ID the same terror was there before.

We are seeing it now. Everything that is going on with Jewish community centers getting attacked and vandalized. People in Seattle woke up to see on one of the community centers the most sickening things in world.  This is so sickening due to the fact that the Holocaust is REAL HISTORY! There are people who still have the scars from when it happened. Having people disrespect the graveyards of people of different religions makes me sick.

 There are people who have done great things and been of non Christian religion and they deserve to have peace.

Mr. Trump has said that he wants to build a wall, they don’t work! He has tried twice and failed that there would be a band on specific groups of people. He claimed to care for veterans and those who have served yet the statements of that ‘We should have taken the Iraqi oil.’  That would cause another war and more veterans that would have to have services. Yet at the same time he wasn’t willing to go into combat himself.

A person who has the power that Mr Trump has needs to be sound in mind. I have not seen that. I have seen a person who is less stable than many that I know. The way that if he doesn’t get his way he acts like a child makes me want to tell someone to take him over their knee and give them a good swat and tell him that no means no.


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