A Few Oops!

These are a few of the oops that I have heard over the years in the world of banking, customer support, and tech support. Some will sound funny as ever, others will be like WTF was the person thinking?

  • The first one had to do when ATMs started to do deposits. When I worked for a bank in the Greater Seattle Area, I had a call from a bank manager that said that they had a customer that had done a deposit and it wasn’t showing up on the account. When I pulled up the account, the deposit wasn’t showing. I asked the manager if he could take the customer on the cell phone that they were talking on to go to the ATM and tell me what she had done. She went through the steps of putting the card in, putting the pin in and then said something that made me fight to keep my profession control. She said “I put the deposit in the W.A.S.T.E. box.” The way she said it was wastee’ box. I asked her to point on the machine so the manager could see where it was. She pointed to the garbage area and to her credit it said ‘WASTE’ and she was older. The manager said that he could handle it from there. I told the customer that the manager would help her and the box that she had put the deposit in was the trash can. She started to laugh as the manager, with me on the phone, went through the garbage and found her deposit envelope and showed her how to do the deposit. When I got off the phone I had to take a break due to the fact I was laughing so hard.


  • While stilling working at the bank, a customer called in and said she needed help with her online banking. So, I went through and she said she loved her new computer and she loved the fact that it had a ‘coffee cup holder’ built in. I got her bills paid and as we were getting ready to hang up I asked her about the coffee cup holder. She said she pushes a little button and it slid out. When I asked where on the computer it was she said next to the floppy slot. (It was the CD Rom.)


  • When I worked for a phone/internet/cable provider we had an outage to where the phones in an area didn’t work. This was nothing new, it happens from time to time. So, working in the phone tech support part, we were busy. People wanted their calls to be routed to their cell phones. When we were doing, that people were having a field day because their phones didn’t work. The problem was that part of our main lines had been cut by a person with the intention of disrupting phone service. We had rerouted about 275 phones when we couldn’t access the main program anymore. So, we would have customer’s yelling at the customer support people and we are going, the program is down and there is nothing we can do. Yelling at a person in customer support when there is a major problem doesn’t help. They are doing the best that they can.


  • How to resolve the phone issue: if your phone company has an application on the Google play store or the Apple store, download it and you can still access the main phone line but if the issue is a major one then please be patient. The people are doing the best that they can.

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