Bad Houses…

Can a house be born bad? Can they have a soul? Or bad dreams? Would you ever stay in a house that you know is supposeably ‘haunted’?

There are so many people who say that houses can’t have a spirit or a soul, but the question is why. The house itself is made be of wood and stone but those are parts of nature. Could it be that nature is able to accept and store what it is exposed to? This is one of the things that we need to think about. If those who live in the buildings are having mental health issues, can that go insanity go into the building? Could the land itself have the memories of the troubles?

What would you do if you had a house like that? Would you destroy it? Would you try to bring positive energy into the house? What would you do?

I have heard different stories on places and how people deal with them. I haven’t been able to prove or disprove any of it so there are those that are going to say that it is just myth and that is fine with me.

One of the myths that I have heard is that people after they pass can spend time if their lives have ended in tragedy in the location that are most comfortable. Some see this as a form of purgatory others see it as not wanting to cross over.

Some people say that the dead walk next to us. That they are in a city of the dead that is held separate by a sheet of space and time. When hauntings happen, it is due to a tragedy having split the sheet and the dead are able to come through.

Others say that the person is instantly judged and that the judgement is final. They face whomever they believe in and that is their only chance at going to a happier place or a darker place.

There is one thing that I have found time after time that seems to be the same with most ‘modern’ religions. That is that there is no gray. It is straight black and white. I am sorry the only person that is so pure is a new born child and some religions believe even that we are born through sin.

When you go back to the older religions there are a few differences. Several have it to where the tombs are like houses for the dead. The nicer the tomb the better liked and well off the person was. You will see this in Ancient Egyptian history a lot. When the Nile River Valley and Delta were first inhabited, the people would bury the dead in the sands of the desert. They soon found that wild animals would desecrate the body’s and soon were making the first tombs. The tombs got bigger and better, but it wouldn’t matter how beautiful the tombs were if the balance wasn’t kept then the soul was judged according.

The Ancients believed in balance. That is what was important to them. Everything in the Ancient Egyptian world was built on balance. When a person had passed over, the Book of the Dead was a scroll that was buried with them to help them navigate through the dangers that awaited in the transition to paradise. The last and biggest danger was the weighing of the heart. The Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the ‘house of the soul’ and therefore when it was weighed against Maat’s feather the scales had to balance. If the scales didn’t balance, then the soul wouldn’t pass through to paradise. It would be eaten by a creature called the devourer.

So, whether a house is where your soul is or the building that you live in, it will hold the traits of the person living in it. If the person is not in balance then the house is not going to be in balance and then you get a ‘bad house’.

It all depends on your point of view. What do you believe in? Could your house be a ‘bad house’ without you realizing it?


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