Conintelpro …

Have you ever heard of conintelpro? Do you want to have to admit that the government would do some very low things to keep the status quo? 

You may think I am talking about a conspiracy theory but there’s been operations like this for ages. The first time it came to light was in the 1970’s. Some people in Philadelphia had broken into a government office to destroy the draft cards. What they found were the documents on what came to be known as conintelpro.

It showed that the government had surpressed certain groups of people that wanted to change the current system. This was not only African American people, but Native American people, Hispanic and White people that wanted change. People had been arrested on fake charges, shot, murdered and there was no accountability for what the government was doing.

Now we have limited freedoms due to the government wanting to prevent another terror attack. How long before it is a true police state?


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