A History Forgotten …


How many people know of the USS Indianapolis? How many know what the crew went through? Why do we need to be reminded of their sacrifices?

The USS Indianapolis was a Portland – class heavy cruiser. She was 623 feet in lenght with a beam of 66 feet and was commissioned in November 15, 1932. Her last cruise ended on 30 July 1945. About 14 minutes past midnight she was hit by two torpedoes fired from I -58, a Japanese submarine.

The USS Indianapolis had 1196 men on board. When she went down, about 900 went into the water. A few of the life rafts were released. Most of the men wore the standard kapok life jackets.

This is their story – 5 days of terror and hell.

(http://www.ussindianapolis.org/story.htm )

The men that went into the water didn’t know if there had been a distress signal had been sent…

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Mentally Unfit to Serve…


America – we have a severe problem! The current President is Unfit to serve and if we don’t do something we are going to have a serious problems very soon. People need to see that things that are being done are against the Constitution of the United States.

Some people will say that I am a ‘Trump basher’ and it is not that, I am only pointing out what I see. I have seen what the hate can do, I have seen how people react to soldiers after having lived in an environment where they can’t speak freely. I was in Germany when I was in the Army and I remember the people that would see us in uniform and they were very formal and you could see the fear in them. Those same people could be seen relaxed when they saw us in civilian clothes but if they saw…

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Danger … Warning … Danger!!!


How many would remember the TV show “Lost in Space” where the robot would say “Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson!” well this is a danger sign.

We have a president that has a case of ‘The Midas Touch’, so they think. When we have a President that seems to think all he has to do is say something and it is so. The problem is that President Trump is turning everything not to gold, but to bitter salt. I see this happening with every ‘Tweet’ that he sends.

This is a time where the robot would be yelling ‘Danger … Warning … Danger!’ The question is how many will hear it. If you see the truth then you want to learn how to help others because the government isn’t going to make it. There is more ‘bitter salt’ than gold coming out of the government.

In the legend of…

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Rent/Food = Net vs Gross


When a person must choose between food and rent or paying a bill that should be covered by the medical assistance that they have, what choice do they really have? Most people would choose feeding their family over paying the bill and hope that the insurance would kick in.

When they must go to the State for assistance, why is it that the decision on if they get help is made off their gross income and not the net income? I have seen it happen time and time again and now it is happening to me.

My main medical was through the VA Medical system. When I lost my job, they based on if I could afford my medication copayment off my gross income from the previous year. This is technical issue number 1. Now, I had just lost my job at the time and they want to use…

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Human Nature … how it has changed

Has anyone noticed how human nature has change over the years? Has anyone noticed that people seem so interested in money that they don’t see others that are in need? When did we become this way? Why is it that money has become so important to us? Why has the needs of the others gone unheeded?

It has been said that money makes the world go around but when does money corrupt a person so much that they can’t see others around them? When a person is so blinded by money that they don’t care about others, do we want that person to be in the highest office of the land?

Humans weren’t always this way. When we were living in small villages, we had to work together to survive what was there. The ancients did this. In Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Greece later in their history, all these cultures learned to work as a cohesive unit and people could do major things.

If we look at ancient China, look at some of the things that they did. Not only did they build the wall of China, but look at some of the older cities that they built. Look at the terra cotta soldiers that were created, they had to work as a team to do this. When the terra cotta soldiers were found, the people who found them noticed that each one was different than the rest. Some in the weapon’s type, armor type, and each of the faces were different. If you look at the detail of each it is amazing of what you see. . They were made around the year 210 B.C. and are believed to have been created by the first Emperor of a unified China – Qin Shi Huang. 1

If we go to Ancient Egypt, we see the same things happening. Looking at the temples that they built, they were done with team work. That team work wasn’t done by slaves but by skilled people to honor their gods. The tombs of the pharaohs were the same way. They were done by skilled people. These people had medical that is better than some of the people that live in the United States do today. If you think about it for a moment and look at the tomb of Seti the 1st look at the way that it was done. This was done out of hard rock in the Valley of the Kings. They didn’t have modern equipment, this is what they had. Yet they made tombs of some of the most beautiful designs. Would you think that slaves did this? No, they had medical and a lot more. Seti did a lot of work to rebuild the country including repairing the temples that had fallen into disrepair. He worked to honor the gods and was the father of Rameses the 2nd or Rameses the Great. 2

So, what is wrong with the US? Why can’t we get our act going in the right direction? Maybe it is because we lost the value of human effort. Maybe the fact that we don’t value something homemade anymore. Who knows, but people suffer because of it.



1} http://www.age-of-the-sage.org/archaeology/terracotta_warriors.html

2} https://www.britannica.com/biography/Seti-I

Comments, please be nice.

As the person who writes this blog, I am asking that you who leave comments to please be nice. The reason is that I am the person who understands where they are coming from and I am having to edit and read them all before they go on the site. I understand that some people feel that the statements are from “brain dead” people but I don’t see it that way. I see these people who are wanting information or just to have their feelings be heard are seeing this to say that they understand or is there more information on a subject.

I love the comments and I love to read them but this isn’t a site for trying to sell your stuff. I delete the comments right away and they don’t get on the site. If you are having trouble with the site then try to update things on your browser and or empty the cookies and cache and try again.

WordPress is a free site that I use for getting my voice out and those who follow it I say thank you. Those who leave the comments I love them. I am on Twitter {@lisaa9110}, Google+ and you can email me with suggestions.




Open Eyes Will See the Truth

This is my feelings and my feelings only.

When I listen to the news, Trump is always on the news. It seems that everyone is pissed at him and there is constant trouble and there is so some scandal with him. I know that he is the president but we need to get some work done today!

I don’t know what it is but I am one of those people that feels that a debt is a debt and I do the best that I can to pay them. It may not be on the time but I do the best I can. People don’t see what is going on.

I am getting calls that are from bill collectors and they aren’t willing to understand about the fact that I am disabled and doing the best that I can. I am trying to find a work at home job while waiting for finding out if SSDI will approve me. Now I understand that people who think that I should just try to go back to work.

So, I would love to have a magic wand and the ability to do something. I would make those with all the money and power to have to be in my shoes, not for a couple of days but for a few months or a year. See how well someone who is used to having as much money as they want to spend, totally broke. No credit cards, no cars, nothing but the brain in their head but with some challenges.

The simple fact is that we need to have someone who sees the truth and is willing to make changes that are needed. Trump was talking about extreme vetting but the fact is that he not willing to see the truth there is major problems within the US.

If we took all the money that every rich person had and made their money worthless, then it would be something of interest. How would they make it? How would they get the milk for their families? Maybe we should do some extreme vetting on those in power.

Forgotten History … The Afterlife … Egypt

Why is the afterlife something that the modern religions look at as a pure good or pure evil? Why isn’t there a middle ground? Why isn’t the balance something that is looked at? When you consider the ancient history to Egypt you will find that the beliefs are very different than the modern world.

When you look back at the tombs of Egypt you will see paintings on the walls. Those painting are magic spells. These spells are from the book of the dead. Not this one.

I am talking about this one. The book of the dead was a scroll that people would get made for when they died to have with them so they could make it through the test that would come on the way to be judged. They would have several challenges that they would have to face before getting to the weighing of the heart.

Some of the challenges that they would have to face on the way to Duat (The Ancient Egyptian Underworld) are lakes of fire, dark caverns, evil spirits, serpents, and then get to the Hall of Judgment for the Weighing of the Heart. 1)

There was other text that could help those who wanted to get to the afterlife. There was the Coffin Text, and for the Pharaoh the Pyramid Text. The Pyramid Text were the carvings on the walls of the tombs.2) They later became the ‘Book of the Dead’.

Why did they mummify the bodies?

With the Ancient Egyptians, the body was a vital part of the afterlife. If a person couldn’t return to their body their family couldn’t visit and give offering. They started to notice that those who were buried in the sand of the Egyptian desert that the bodies were preserved. When they started to use tombs, they wanted to be able to preserve the bodies of the Pharaohs they began to mummify the bodies.

Why did the Egyptians use so much gold?

Gold was the color of the gods. When a pharaoh died they were thought to join the sun god Ra and become a god.

Suggested Reading:





1} http://www.experience-ancient-egypt.com/egyptian-religion-mythology/egyptian-afterlife/duat

2} http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/pyramidtext.htm

Why is history important?

Why is history important? Can we really learn from it? Why should we consider the past to see the future?

The fact that history is important because the more that we consider it the more that we see things are repeating itself. If you consider the last century, we can see what happens when big business gets in the equation.

We are going back to Germany at the beginning of the 20th century and going to look at the basic information in a scientific style. The equation is one that people aren’t real familiar with so I will put it up here for you. The reason that this is important is that we are made to challenge the basic ‘high school’ information that we have on the times. All sites that I use will be listed as sources at the bottom. This is to see if you are willing to look outside the box to find the truth.

First off: At the beginning of the 20th century, we had Russia, Germany and England all related to each other through family connected. The German Emperor was Kaiser Wilhelm II who was a cousin to Tsar Nicholas II, the Emperor of Russia and King George V, the King of England.


When World War 1 broke out it was the first war that encompassed the entire planet. When it was over the German people were forced to accept that they had been defeated when the entire time the propaganda was telling the people that they were winning. 2)

The final straw that hurt the German people was the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty had 440 articles and out of that only 26 didn’t punish Germany for the war.3) When the Weimar Republic was set up, there were problems straight away. The democracy was forced on the German people and many of the soldiers felt that they had been ‘stabbed in the back’ due to the propaganda that they had come to believe.

During the Weimar Republic, there was hyper-inflation. 4) There were over 30 ‘political’ parties in Germany during the time. 5) This made it hard for any one party to get a majority in the Reichstag or central legislative body. The Chancellor wasn’t elected by Parliament but was appointed by the President of the Reich. 6)

When the National Social German Workers Party (Nazi) came to power it was due to promises to each group that they went to raise money from that they would get what they wanted. The business men would have an increase in business, those who made weapons would have more contracts and less problems with the workers. The workers would have better pay and people were willing to believe it.

People don’t like to look at the ‘belly of the beast’ or get in people’s heads but here is the challenge for you. Have you listened to the propaganda speeches that were made during the election of the most recent President of the United States? Mr. Trump was offering everything to everyone to get people to vote for him. This is the same type of speech that had been done before.


Suggested Reading:







1} https://www.brookings.edu/blog/brookings-now/2013/12/20/the-family-relationships-that-couldnt-stop-world-war-i/

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