Elemental Truth vs Fake Facts … Open your eyes

We see it all around us, but we need figure it out. What is the elemental truth over the fake facts? Why do we need to open our eyes to this? How can we be affected by the information if we don’t see the truth?

The first thing we need to understand is what is elemental truth. There is a formula that scientist use to figure out if they are on the right track. It is relatively an easy one. As you can see it is an easy one to use, if you follow the steps and are true. This can be done with the news that we see and hear on the local news. If you look at the recent taking of the Oval Office by Donald Trump. What is the truth of what we hear? Are there ties to other countries? If we use the formula we find that we are having to try again to get the correct answer.

The next part that we need to think about is the fake facts. What is a fake fact? A fake fact is something that can be proven false. When you talk with a person and they tell you that President Obama is not a United States Citizen, you can prove it wrong by looking at the fact that he was born in Hawaii and that to be the President of the United States you must be a natural born citizen.

So, if we look at what is going on today in the world, there are several things that need to be run through the scientific equation above to see if they are true or false. Let’s look at an older issue and see if it will measure up to the standards that we would need to let people know if there is a problem. Let’s look at the ‘Mortgage Crisis of 2008’ and see if there is a time that at some point in time there were red flags going off to warn us of what was coming.

First let’s look and gather the facts that we know for sure:

Interest rates were low

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) made it possible for those with less than perfect credit to get a home.

Homes were sold with a flexible interest rate.

The home ownership rose and that caused the cost to rise.

When people who were of a ‘high risk category’ couldn’t make the mortgage payment they would have to sell or get more debt to cover what they had.

People lost their homes.

Some things that aren’t commonly known:

The lenders were selling the mortgages to investors as parts of packages that they would sell.

Some of the banks began to realize that if a person had less income they considered a debt a debt and it had to be paid.

The Government at one point had the interest rates at almost 0%.

The Government had to take over 2 of the major mortgage companies.

Some of the mortgages were taken over when the mortgages were well above the value of the house that it was for.

What did this cause:

When the housing bubble popped, many lost their homes. They couldn’t afford the mortgages that they were in and the houses were foreclosed on.

( http://www.federalreservehistory.org/Events/DetailView/55 )

This caused a feedback loop to happen, lenders couldn’t do the loans due to the subprime lenders were bankrupt, the demand for new houses dropped putting more and more lenders in trouble that caused the demand for house loans to drop and it repeated.


This is a perfect situation to look at for several reasons. The Government knew there was a problem forming and chose to see if it would resolve itself. When they did step in the damage had been done. They had the basic information but instead of looking at the raw information, they wanted to believe, that the country would stabilize itself and when it didn’t then they had to bail out the larger firms due to the investors who had gotten parts of these loans wanted to cash in their investments.

When I suggest that people open their eyes and see what is happening today it is because people are being offered mass credit when they can’t afford it. My family is a perfect example. I get a ton of emails saying that people want to give me money and that I would have to do a small down payment for the money.

These people are scammers. I have been taken in one time and they tried to get me to send them almost $1,000 for a $10,000 grant, they went so far as to say that they were from the government. If the government really wants to give people money they have you fill out a ton of paperwork and would do it through formal means. That would mean that if you wanted to ask for an official check so you could verify that it was good, they would send it to you and you could call the bank and verify that the funds are good.


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