Why do we fear …Friday the 13th?

Welcome to the Wild World of Mythology

Why do we fear somethings and not others? We are going to take a magic carpet ride and this one we are going to have an escort. Jason … Jason, the carpet won’t come out when you have your machete. Put it down! (Sorry my escort is having a challenge) Carpet … Carpet, come on.

We are going back to the time of the Templar’s. The year is … Jason, put the machete down! (Sorry)… 1307. We are going to France. The King at the time was King Philip IV. The Pope was Pope Clement V. The Crusades are over and the Templar’s have a large amount of wealth.

Jason, we are almost there. Most people think of your birthday being on Friday the 13th is a strange, this is the reason why.

The Pope was forced to live in France at the time instead of Rome so King Philip…

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