Danger … Warning … Danger!!!

Welcome to the Wild World of Mythology

How many would remember the TV show “Lost in Space” where the robot would say “Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson!” well this is a danger sign.

We have a president that has a case of ‘The Midas Touch’, so they think. When we have a President that seems to think all he has to do is say something and it is so. The problem is that President Trump is turning everything not to gold, but to bitter salt. I see this happening with every ‘Tweet’ that he sends.

This is a time where the robot would be yelling ‘Danger … Warning … Danger!’ The question is how many will hear it. If you see the truth then you want to learn how to help others because the government isn’t going to make it. There is more ‘bitter salt’ than gold coming out of the government.

In the legend of…

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