Tell the truth … that is important!

Why is the truth so important? When can being honest be the best and when is it not the best? Why should we trust people who tell the truth?

This is a cautionary tale, one that needs to be reminded often.

When a person tells the truth, they don’t have to change what they say. They will be able to be asked if what they said is what is they mean. The fact that a person is telling the truth then you can verify the information that they are putting out.

If a person wants to hide information they are going to get caught. The information will be found out eventually. Mr. Trump not wanting to show his tax returns shows that he has something to hide. The fact that he has something to hide makes you wonder if he should honestly be the President of the United States. With the fact that he must represent this country then we have a problem.

Why is the truth something that can cause a problem for someone? If a person has information that can hurt another person on the emotional level, you need to use some judgement on if you are going to tell them or not. If a person is going to be in a position of high rank then you need to make sure that the information is correct. An example is that if you hear that someone is cheating on someone else, find out the truth before passing the story on.

When people are told the truth, they will find it easier to accept, than being told something that is made up and find out the difference later. This causes mistrust and will eventually cause the person to no longer want to deal with that person.


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