Modern vs Ancient … what is better?

With the world so hooked on having the latest gadget, what is better: the modern stuff or the ancient ways of thinking? Which is the right way of thinking? What is the difference?

I tend to watch people. I tend to listen to what they talk about. I see the unseen and it causes me to wonder, what is the right way? I have always been the person that is in the corner watching at a party. The one that no one sees but can tell you what you wore and who you talked with. That is my nature.

I see people now that are more interested in watching the most recent show on their phones. Playing the most recent games on their phones. They don’t interact with the people that are around them. Why don’t they see the people around them? I haven’t seen them helping others when they need it.

When I think of the history that I am addicted to, people would help their neighbors. They would make sure that the people had things that they needed. The families would often do communal meals as you go further back in time. People would talk to each other.

Coming forward in time, people have forgotten that their neighbors may be in need. People seem to be more worried about the money that they have than their neighbors who may have less. They are so obsessed with having the newest items that they don’t see a problem with using a piece of plastic to pay for something.

Looking at the way that those who work for the city or the state, I see the double standards that are there. Those that have enough aren’t worried about the ones that are struggling. If a person tries to get help, they are often talked down to. They are made to jump through hoops to get the most basic of needs. People look at them as if they are trying to get a hand out.

Going to the past, people would have been making sure that the people were taken care of. Those that needed help with getting things done, they would work as a team to get the job done. American history shows it, Ancient Roman history shows it, Ancient Greek shows it, Medieval Europe would show it to a degree but not as much.

Where did the change happen? When did it happen? Why did it happen? What does it mean about the people that live in the world now? Can we change?

If we tried we could change, but we would have to want to change. I fear that it would take a major natural disaster to make us see that the change is needed. When modern medicine makes us sicker, then other forms are needed. Then going back to nature is what is needed. That is what the ancients did. They didn’t have pills to fix everything. They used herbs, teas, roots and what the planet would provide to make them strong again. People walked and worked with their hands, burning the calories that they had gotten from foods. They didn’t eat at McDonalds, they ate real foods that had to be made by hand.

If we went back to what the planet has to offer, if we went to the ancient way of thinking then we would be healthier and the social world would be different. People wouldn’t be allowed to go hungry. If a person needed help with building a fence then they would be able to ask their neighbor to help without the question of ‘What do I get in return?’ because they would work as a community to get the job done.

Could we go back to that way of life? Every time the power fails we do. We must figure out what to do, how to manage without electricity. Should we try it again? Go back in time and see if we cooked real food, worked with our hands, and try to use natural things to cure our ills, we could be a lot healthier and happier.


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