Why is history important?

Why is history important? Can we really learn from it? Why should we consider the past to see the future?

The fact that history is important because the more that we consider it the more that we see things are repeating itself. If you consider the last century, we can see what happens when big business gets in the equation.

We are going back to Germany at the beginning of the 20th century and going to look at the basic information in a scientific style. The equation is one that people aren’t real familiar with so I will put it up here for you. The reason that this is important is that we are made to challenge the basic ‘high school’ information that we have on the times. All sites that I use will be listed as sources at the bottom. This is to see if you are willing to look outside the box to find the truth.

First off: At the beginning of the 20th century, we had Russia, Germany and England all related to each other through family connected. The German Emperor was Kaiser Wilhelm II who was a cousin to Tsar Nicholas II, the Emperor of Russia and King George V, the King of England.


When World War 1 broke out it was the first war that encompassed the entire planet. When it was over the German people were forced to accept that they had been defeated when the entire time the propaganda was telling the people that they were winning. 2)

The final straw that hurt the German people was the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty had 440 articles and out of that only 26 didn’t punish Germany for the war.3) When the Weimar Republic was set up, there were problems straight away. The democracy was forced on the German people and many of the soldiers felt that they had been ‘stabbed in the back’ due to the propaganda that they had come to believe.

During the Weimar Republic, there was hyper-inflation. 4) There were over 30 ‘political’ parties in Germany during the time. 5) This made it hard for any one party to get a majority in the Reichstag or central legislative body. The Chancellor wasn’t elected by Parliament but was appointed by the President of the Reich. 6)

When the National Social German Workers Party (Nazi) came to power it was due to promises to each group that they went to raise money from that they would get what they wanted. The business men would have an increase in business, those who made weapons would have more contracts and less problems with the workers. The workers would have better pay and people were willing to believe it.

People don’t like to look at the ‘belly of the beast’ or get in people’s heads but here is the challenge for you. Have you listened to the propaganda speeches that were made during the election of the most recent President of the United States? Mr. Trump was offering everything to everyone to get people to vote for him. This is the same type of speech that had been done before.


Suggested Reading:







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