Comments, please be nice.

As the person who writes this blog, I am asking that you who leave comments to please be nice. The reason is that I am the person who understands where they are coming from and I am having to edit and read them all before they go on the site. I understand that some people feel that the statements are from “brain dead” people but I don’t see it that way. I see these people who are wanting information or just to have their feelings be heard are seeing this to say that they understand or is there more information on a subject.

I love the comments and I love to read them but this isn’t a site for trying to sell your stuff. I delete the comments right away and they don’t get on the site. If you are having trouble with the site then try to update things on your browser and or empty the cookies and cache and try again.

WordPress is a free site that I use for getting my voice out and those who follow it I say thank you. Those who leave the comments I love them. I am on Twitter {@lisaa9110}, Google+ and you can email me with suggestions.




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