Human Nature … how it has changed

Has anyone noticed how human nature has change over the years? Has anyone noticed that people seem so interested in money that they don’t see others that are in need? When did we become this way? Why is it that money has become so important to us? Why has the needs of the others gone unheeded?

It has been said that money makes the world go around but when does money corrupt a person so much that they can’t see others around them? When a person is so blinded by money that they don’t care about others, do we want that person to be in the highest office of the land?

Humans weren’t always this way. When we were living in small villages, we had to work together to survive what was there. The ancients did this. In Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Greece later in their history, all these cultures learned to work as a cohesive unit and people could do major things.

If we look at ancient China, look at some of the things that they did. Not only did they build the wall of China, but look at some of the older cities that they built. Look at the terra cotta soldiers that were created, they had to work as a team to do this. When the terra cotta soldiers were found, the people who found them noticed that each one was different than the rest. Some in the weapon’s type, armor type, and each of the faces were different. If you look at the detail of each it is amazing of what you see. . They were made around the year 210 B.C. and are believed to have been created by the first Emperor of a unified China – Qin Shi Huang. 1

If we go to Ancient Egypt, we see the same things happening. Looking at the temples that they built, they were done with team work. That team work wasn’t done by slaves but by skilled people to honor their gods. The tombs of the pharaohs were the same way. They were done by skilled people. These people had medical that is better than some of the people that live in the United States do today. If you think about it for a moment and look at the tomb of Seti the 1st look at the way that it was done. This was done out of hard rock in the Valley of the Kings. They didn’t have modern equipment, this is what they had. Yet they made tombs of some of the most beautiful designs. Would you think that slaves did this? No, they had medical and a lot more. Seti did a lot of work to rebuild the country including repairing the temples that had fallen into disrepair. He worked to honor the gods and was the father of Rameses the 2nd or Rameses the Great. 2

So, what is wrong with the US? Why can’t we get our act going in the right direction? Maybe it is because we lost the value of human effort. Maybe the fact that we don’t value something homemade anymore. Who knows, but people suffer because of it.






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