Global Warming … Reality … YES!!!

Do you think that global warming is a reality? Why would people in the government deny it? What do they gain by denying it?

This isn’t a game of hide and seek. This isn’t a game of tag, someone else is it. This is going outside and seeing what is going on. This is about the abuse of the planet that we have. I will bring in as much fact as I can to this. This is something that we can’t afford to ignore anymore.

First off, climate change is happening. The easiest way to prove this is look at what is happening to the storms that we have had recently. When you look at the number of tornadoes that we have had as of recent years, it shows that there are two things that need to be looked at. One is the size of the storms and the second is the number of storms that we are having.

The following graph will show the percent of average tornadoes by month in 2012 and 2011.

Now if we look at the average annual numbers you will see there are an average of 1,224 per year. The image will show you per state.


Now if we look at intensity levels of them and we can see that the scale is a rather interesting one to look at.



The original Fujita Scale (or F Scale) was developed by Dr. Theodore Fujita. All tornadoes, and other severe local windstorms, were assigned a number according to the most intense damage caused by the storm.

The enhanced F Scale (EF Scale) was implemented in the United States on February 1, 2007. The EF scale uses three-second wind gust estimates based on a more detailed system for assessing damage, taking into account different building materials.


If we look at the average temperature of the Ocean you will see that the water temperature depends on where you live but the thing is that the temperature is rather warm.

If you want to know about the temperature of the ocean, you have to learn about the parts of the the ocean first. The top part of the ocean is called the surface layer. Then there is a boundary layer called the thermocline. The thermocline separates the surface layers and the deep water of the ocean. The deep ocean is the third part of the ocean.

The Sun hits the surface layer of the ocean, heating the water up. Wind and waves mix this layer up from top to bottom, so the heat gets mixed downward too. The temperature of the surface waters varies mainly with latitude. The polar seas (high latitude) can be as cold as -2 degrees Celsius (28.4 degrees Fahrenheit) while the Persian Gulf (low latitude) can be as warm as 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Ocean water, with an average salinity of 35 psu, freezes at -1.94 degrees Celsius (28.5 degrees Fahrenheit). That means at high latitudes sea ice can form. The average temperature of the ocean surface waters is about 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

90 % of the total volume of ocean is found below the thermocline in the deep ocean. The deep ocean is not well mixed. The deep ocean is made up of horizontal layers of equal density. Much of this deep ocean water is between 0-3 degrees Celsius (32-37.5 degrees Fahrenheit)! It’s really, really cold down there! 3

There is a link to NOAA that shows about the increase in the water temp and how much it has happened.

We need to stop this. We are doing this. This is a dare for you. Walk to the store if it is in distance (3-4 blocks) instead of driving, take the bus to work, carpool when you have to drive and turn the lights off. See how the walk each day makes you feel. See if you start to feel better about yourself if you know that you are taking an active part in protecting the planet.


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Welcome Home

When you see an Veteran who is coming back to the country from deployment over seas, do you say ‘Welcome Home’ or do you walk past the person? 

Why is it important to say ‘Welcome Home’ to those who are willing to serve? Why do the people who are in the military need to be reminded that they are appreciated? It is the feeling that people who don’t serve don’t know what we have gone through. 

Saying welcome home is a way to say thank you to the people who are willing to go into harms way.

When you see a police officer or a firefighter, say thank you. They will appreciate it more than you can understand.

Survival vs Living …


When does life become a game of survival? When does a person need to make a choice between the two? Does it become a conscious choice? Is it a conscious choice?

There are certain things that every person needs to have in life. Food, shelter, clothes on their backs and a safe place to sleep. There are others that are toys. The nicest house, the nicest car, the best food, the most money … these are toys. When does a person’s basic needs caused them to get judged by others because they don’t have the toys that others do?

Why is that the money is held by a few and they are the standard that people are judged by. When people are on State aid, everything is figured by gross income. Now in one sense that is a good way to figure things but at the same time it…

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Oath of Loyalty … Good or Bad?


When a person asks for a personal oath of loyalty is that a good or bad thing? Is it a good or bad thing to find out that leaders demand it and if they don’t get it they get fired or something else happens? When has this happened in the past?

When we go back in time we find that it has happened before. When we look up the information on what it means this is the definition that I found “Loyalty Oath: An oath that declares an individual’s allegiance to the government and its institutions and disclaims support of ideologies or associations that oppose or threaten the government.”1

We use oaths when we go to court, we take an oath to tell the truth. This is done with your hand on the Christian Bible. When doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, it goes all the way back to Ancient…

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Some Basic Answers to Comments … (Update at the Bottom)

I get a lot of questions about the writing of the blogs and other general information so I thought I would answer them to the best of my ability here.

One of the questions that I get a lot of the time is have I ever thought of doing an e-book? The answer is that I have some stories on Amazon as well as a small book on Amazon as well. I have been writing stories for most of my life. I still write and am trying to get enough interest going to possibly get some funds out of it as well.

Another question is the fact that people want me to email them for advice or to do an ‘interview’ with them on the blog post that I do. I have tried to email them and I use the email address on the site and the emails comeback as invalid email address. If you want me to contact you, please use the contact information. If you want to email me, then please do so at

The other ones are more of a technical nature. The way I have my site set up is everything goes to the spam filter and then I go through and must and approve the comments before they go on the site. I do this to prevent people from trying to sell things on it. The other wonderful thing is that I get to do the translations of the ones that are in another language. I use Google Translate so if there are mistakes then I am truly sorry. The way that I do this is copy and paste the comment into Google Translate and then click on translate to English. Then I copy and paste the translation back into the main comment underneath the original text.

Those that want to follow me on Twitter, I would love it. If you are using WordPress and want to link your site to your Twitter, then go to the configure and click on sharing and it will show you all the sites that you can connect it to. There are mobile versions of WordPress applications and that helps a lot.


I have 2 books on Amazon and 4 or 5 short stories if you want to see some of my writing style on other things.


WTF … Reporter Got Body Slammed!!!

OK, I know reporters aren’t the most liked people in the world but they have a job to do and they don’t need to be assaulted in the process. The information that I have is as I am able to hear on line from different news sources. I will list the sites at the bottom of the page.

I first heard about it when I was listening to Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Ben Jacobs works for The Guardian and I am having a rather hard time understanding how this person {Mr. Gianforte} could think that they could do something like this and not have a problem.
 —- on 5/24/2017 titled ‘Exclusive: Guardian reporter on Gianforte ‘body slam’ and Reporter: Montana GOP candidate ‘body slammed me’ — on 5/24/2017 titled ‘MT GOP candidate Gianforte allegedly ‘body slams’ reporter’ —— on 5/24/2017 titled ‘Reporter releases recording of alleged assault by GOP candidate’ —- on 5/24/2017 titled ‘GOP candidate charged after allegedly ‘body slamming’ reporter’

Where were you … May 8th 1945?

So many people take the freedoms that we have for a given thing but the reason that I ask where were you on May 8th, 1945. Now most people don’t realize that there was a lot of work done to make May 8th an important day to celebrate.

If we look back at this date we must go back to June 6th, 1944 and see what started to make this day so important. On June 6th, the Normandy invasion began. The Germans had made the Atlantic Wall to prevent the Allies from landing and they had fallen for what they thought would make the most common sense to them. The shortest way from England, which had become basically a huge military base to France was through the Port of Calais. Field Marshal Rommel had gone home to Germany to celebrate his wife’s birthday. The weather for that day was that it was to be too harsh to do a Channel crossing.

(Surface map 0700 GMT 06 June 1944) As we know they were wrong. When the German’s saw the ships on the Channel, they couldn’t believe that there were so many coming despite the weather and the seas being as bad as they were. Believe it or not, Hitler had chosen to sleep in that day and thought that the reports he was getting were a diversionary attack and wouldn’t release the troops that were needed to stop it.

After that the Allies had to fight their way to Germany. Their next major battle was known as the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans figured that if they could cut the Allied forces in two by punching a hole in the lines they could get the fuel that they would need to hold out a bit longer. Their plan was to go through the Ardennes forest and push the Allies out of Northern France. The Germans had a fight for them in Bastogne and when the weather cleared the Germans were out of fuel and open to air attacks and General Patton’s 3rd Army.

When May 8th came, the war in Europe was over. The German’s had surrendered to the allies and Europe was free of the terror that had been caused.

The next time you think that nothing special happened on a set day, check the history books you might be surprised at what you see. And when you see someone in uniform, remember that their willingness to put it on gives you the freedom to be free.

Where were you … May 18th 1980

In my life, there have been a lot of things that have happened and it makes me wonder where others were when these things happened.

We are going to start our journey through time in 1980. May 18th, 1980, Mt. St. Helens decided to wake up and redesign her look again. She is one of the volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. I was about 11 when she cleared her throat and began to sing. Before she woke up Mt. St. Helens looked like this.

When she began to wake up she had an unusual bulge forming (2nd picture) and then when she decided to sing she really did a number on what she looked like.

This is what she looked like when the damage was done. Trust me, I remember sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast and feeling the earthquake that sent the mountain into action.

The dotted lines are where she was
and as you can see she tossed the top part of the mountain away.

When she sang Yakima Washington went from day to night The ash caused a major problem. (photo from We had ash in Seattle (we called it Seashle for a while) This was the ash distribution as figured by the USGS

So on a day that you think nothing important happened you might want to check the history books. Most young kids don’t remember this.

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