Why do we do the things we do? … Scam prevention.

Have you ever read the titles of some of the things you get in your spam email folder? What about some of the strange phone numbers that you see on your caller ID? Do you answer the strange numbers or let it go to voice mail?

This is a very strange but true story for you. With all the jobs, I have held I know when the phone numbers are faked and when there is a spam filter on the email and it catches several of the same emails I don’t open them. Here is the reason why.

If a person wants to talk to me and they call there are two things I do. If I don’t recognize the number I will let it go to voicemail. This is simple, if a person is serious to get in touch with me they will leave a voice mail for me to call them back. If the number is a serious one as in showing the person’s real number then I will listen to the message and get back to them. Some things that I don’t like are the wonderful ‘fake numbers’ (these are the ones that will have a series of numbers that repeat too many times to make sense.) The other one is the number that never leaves a voicemail or will repeatedly call with no message.

Google and I are good friends for many reasons. I can type in a phone number in the search bar and find out who the carrier is and if the company is real, what kind of comments people are leaving as to the type of calls that they are getting. When I get calls that claim to be from the federal government and the person starts to make ‘threats’ I ask for certain information. That information will usually get them to hang up real fast.


Emails are another way that people will try to scam you. If a person is wanting to talk to you legitimately they will address you by name in the email. They will not promise you something for free but then ask for money. The Federal Government doesn’t use gmail or AOL for their email servers. When you get an email in your spam filter, you can put the mouse over the address that it came from and it will show you the email address that it came from.

If you do open one and realize that something is very wrong. Shut your computer down, wait a few moments then turn it on and run a full anti-virus and malware program. If the email tried to put anything in the computer this will stop it.

Companies like eBay, Comcast, and other major ones will often ask that you forward them the email. This is so they can send an alert out to everyone that it is not from them and what to do to protect themselves.


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