A Voice… Everyone has one

When I write these blogs, is to get a message across. I use them as my voice. I am only trying to get my voice heard. When I put an idea out there and people comment on it, I can see what they are commenting before they go on the site.

Some people feel that others are not thinking straight when they put comments on but I see it differently. Through commenting on the post, I put out, they are getting their voices heard as well. I know that people may not totally like what I say and they are able to engage in conversations with others about how they feel on the conversations that are going on.

I ask that people try to keep the comments polite, I don’t like the comments that are saying that some people are ‘brain dead’ when they type in their comments. That is saying that their voice has less value with what is being said and should be ignored.

When I ask questions, or give sources of where I get the information it is to do one thing, further the conversation – I try to use sources that are reliable and understandable to all. Those that write the comments in a different language, I will use Google Translate to translate the comment before accepting it or not. The fact that people from other countries are reading this makes me feel good.


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