When should you ask questions?

When should you ask questions? When should you dig deeper? Are there times that you should be willing to take a gamble on being against the ‘common knowledge’? Why is it important to ask questions?

When you have an idea that something is different than what is commonly known, you have a theory. When you want to be able to prove it you need to have proof that will stand up to digging into. This is where the ability to ask questions and be willing to take a few strange looks and people thinking you are a little strange. When you start getting used to asking questions you find that it is easier to ask them and want to learn more.

Let’s look at a question that is a bit of interest to me, could Mesoamerican cultures have evolved in a separate but similar environment as those in other parts of the world at different times. The most common thought is that people came to North America and then into Central and South America about 10 to 20 thousand years ago.

If we look at the last major ice ages that we have had, there are questions abound on what is being said. There have been at least 5 significant ice ages in the past 1 million years. There have been about a dozen periods of glacial expansions in the same time. 1

So, if there have been about a dozen periods of glacial expansions in the last million years, then why couldn’t people have come over the land/ice bridge that would have connected Siberia to Alaska? Why couldn’t people have come over and instead of staying in the northern part of the continent gone down to the central part where it is warmer? There would be evidence of the existence, right?

So, if there is evidence, where would need to look? Mexico, Central and South America sound like a good idea.

I did some basic digging and found something of interest. There was a site in Mexico called Hueyatlaco. Never heard of it, me either however the reason that I bring this up is the fact that it was being worked in the 1950’s and they had evidence that it showed that humans lived in the area up to 250,000 years ago. The research was done in the 1960’s. 2 One of the people that were working at the site was Cynthia Williams.

“Shortly after the excavation of the Hueyatlaco site, and shortly after the dating of the site was made public, the Mexican Government came to be directly involved. The head of the Archaeological Department of the Mexican Government was very upset at these very ancient dates at this site.

It is also believed by us that he did not like the fact that Americans were finding this site, nor did he like that the Americans involved were women. Whatever his motive, he had the Mexican army go and close the site down, and confiscate all of the artifacts and related materials.” 3

So why wouldn’t the Mexican government want the information out? Why were they so worried about the fact that the information showed that people had been in the area for longer than the common accepted knowledge? Or did someone else put pressure on them?

The materials and artifacts that were found in Hueyatlaco, they have vanished. They were taken by the government and when Ms. Williams went to do research on them, they couldn’t be found. They had been ‘lost’ by the government.

Does this make you want to see what else you can find? With the internet being a web of information who knows, maybe asking the right questions will lead someone to figure a puzzle out that others haven’t been able to and bring a new aspect on life.

Suggested Reading:




1} http://www.history.com/topics/ice-age

2} http://pleistocenecoalition.com/steen-mcintyre/Quat.Research_1981.pdf

3} http://www.s8int.com/hueyatlaco.html


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