Confused … Go Fund Me …

This is going to sound strange but there is a reason that I titled it the way I did. Go Fund Me is a site that you can set up a way to get help for things that you need. People have used it to help people with cancer, people who must deal with major life changing events can set them up as well.

I have one going and I will put the link at the bottom of this page, but this isn’t the main reason for the post.

There is a concrete plant in Kenmore that is running one as well. It is called CalPortland. They have a huge banner with all the companies that are helping them. The reason that they are running it is to help make the sight look nicer. They titled it ‘Lets Beautify This!’ According to the site they are trying to get enough money to put original art work on three 80 foot silos at the CalPortland concrete site.

Now I can understand that the City of Kenmore wants to make the city look nicer but at the same time I run into a problem with it. Why are they worried about putting art work on the silos when there are those who have trouble with the most basic things.

Now one thing that they have going for them is the fact that they are on Facebook. I got off Facebook due to the amount of drama that it was causing in my life. I made the choice due to the simple fact that I wanted to be focused on other things. My family is more important than the drama (hence no cable TV).

I have tried to get local people to realize that this isn’t happening to just me. There are others out there that are trying to use the site ‘GoFundMe’ for legit reasons and they don’t get the attention that they should because people who do go to the site, see people who are using it for a scam.

I have tried contacting the local new stations to get message out that we need to be helping those who are in need more than the ones that are only trying to do things that are not essential. While art work to make, a city look nicer is a good thing, the people who have to worry about paying the bills should be where the city/town should be working to resolve.

When a person is a service veteran and has had, trouble getting and keeping a job due to personal ‘challenges’ they shouldn’t have to be on the street to get some people say they need help. The community should be willing to work together to get things taken care of for them. The thing is that people don’t talk as much as they should. My neighbors don’t talk to me unless they want something because I try to help those that need it.

I have mentioned before that some of the kids in the complex where I live won’t help a person carry food from the store up to their apartment’s without expecting something in return. We need to get back to helping each other and look outside our own doors to see who needs it.


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