Where were you … May 18th 1980

In my life, there have been a lot of things that have happened and it makes me wonder where others were when these things happened.

We are going to start our journey through time in 1980. May 18th, 1980, Mt. St. Helens decided to wake up and redesign her look again. She is one of the volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. I was about 11 when she cleared her throat and began to sing. Before she woke up Mt. St. Helens looked like this.

When she began to wake up she had an unusual bulge forming (2nd picture) and then when she decided to sing she really did a number on what she looked like.

This is what she looked like when the damage was done. Trust me, I remember sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast and feeling the earthquake that sent the mountain into action.

The dotted lines are where she was
and as you can see she tossed the top part of the mountain away.

When she sang Yakima Washington went from day to night The ash caused a major problem. (photo from www.yakimaherald.com) We had ash in Seattle (we called it Seashle for a while) This was the ash distribution as figured by the USGS

So on a day that you think nothing important happened you might want to check the history books. Most young kids don’t remember this.


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