WTF … Reporter Got Body Slammed!!!

OK, I know reporters aren’t the most liked people in the world but they have a job to do and they don’t need to be assaulted in the process. The information that I have is as I am able to hear on line from different news sources. I will list the sites at the bottom of the page.

I first heard about it when I was listening to Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Ben Jacobs works for The Guardian and I am having a rather hard time understanding how this person {Mr. Gianforte} could think that they could do something like this and not have a problem.
 —- on 5/24/2017 titled ‘Exclusive: Guardian reporter on Gianforte ‘body slam’ and Reporter: Montana GOP candidate ‘body slammed me’ — on 5/24/2017 titled ‘MT GOP candidate Gianforte allegedly ‘body slams’ reporter’ —— on 5/24/2017 titled ‘Reporter releases recording of alleged assault by GOP candidate’ —- on 5/24/2017 titled ‘GOP candidate charged after allegedly ‘body slamming’ reporter’


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