Some Basic Answers to Comments … (Update at the Bottom)

I get a lot of questions about the writing of the blogs and other general information so I thought I would answer them to the best of my ability here.

One of the questions that I get a lot of the time is have I ever thought of doing an e-book? The answer is that I have some stories on Amazon as well as a small book on Amazon as well. I have been writing stories for most of my life. I still write and am trying to get enough interest going to possibly get some funds out of it as well.

Another question is the fact that people want me to email them for advice or to do an ‘interview’ with them on the blog post that I do. I have tried to email them and I use the email address on the site and the emails comeback as invalid email address. If you want me to contact you, please use the contact information. If you want to email me, then please do so at

The other ones are more of a technical nature. The way I have my site set up is everything goes to the spam filter and then I go through and must and approve the comments before they go on the site. I do this to prevent people from trying to sell things on it. The other wonderful thing is that I get to do the translations of the ones that are in another language. I use Google Translate so if there are mistakes then I am truly sorry. The way that I do this is copy and paste the comment into Google Translate and then click on translate to English. Then I copy and paste the translation back into the main comment underneath the original text.

Those that want to follow me on Twitter, I would love it. If you are using WordPress and want to link your site to your Twitter, then go to the configure and click on sharing and it will show you all the sites that you can connect it to. There are mobile versions of WordPress applications and that helps a lot.


I have 2 books on Amazon and 4 or 5 short stories if you want to see some of my writing style on other things.



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