Self-Worth … How do you feel?

What is your self-worth? Does it mean how much money you have? Does it mean how you feel? Why is it important? What does it mean to your self-worth when you ‘disassociate’ from the world?

Self-worth is basically how you feel about yourself. This could be financial, it could be emotional, it could be a lot of things. The main thing that I want to say is that” Your life is more than the amount in your bank account. Your life is a special gift to be shared with everyone.”

When you judge yourself by the amount in your bank account, then you find that you will never be happy with your life. When you look life by how much money you have then you are reaching for a cloud that is out of reach. Money isn’t not something that will ever give true happiness. You can have all the money in the world but if your life is only on making money then you are going be sad and lonely.

When your emotional state is good, your self-worth goes up in a sense. When your emotional state is poor, your self-worth is going to go down due to the feelings that you have. The people who have severe emotional roller coaster for a life then they need to have some good support due to their feelings change rapidly.

Why is self-worth important? It has a way of showing one’s self that the person is not a waste of space or that they are needing to change their beliefs to fit in. When a person disassociates from the world, they are checking out. They aren’t doing it to get attention, they are trying to protect themselves from something that is painful.

Try to remember that ever person has self-worth and there are those who need extra support in their lives to keep going.


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