Manners … What is Wrong with people today?

I know that I see things differently than most. I accept that. But this drives me nuts! I have seen kids that honestly throw a fit in the store when they don’t get a toy that they want. I have seen them stand in front of a paratransit bus and tell the driver that they don’t have to move. Their parents get mad for the bus driver honking to get them to move and then try to tell me that I have no right to have the paratransit bus on the property.

Now people need to understand that these buses are helping people that can’t drive or ride a regular bus for the reasons that are their own. People don’t just ask for a ride on these, they must be certified by a doctor and then tested by a second to have access to these buses.

When the kids start behaving to people that are disabled this way, is there a reason to expect that they would behave any better in a school? When kids see people who are basically getting away with whatever they want due to money or gangs, do we expect them to know how to say please or thank you?

When did discipline become abuse? When did saying ‘no’ get a parent criminal charges for ’emotional duress’ to their kid? Since when have kids have more say than the parents do? The kids haven’t learned that there are consequences for what they say and do … this is a problem!

I will admit that I wasn’t the best parent but the way I was raised was so different that things don’t make sense to me anymore. That is what this is about.

When I was growing up, if we did something wrong we got in trouble for it. Now depending on what it was depended on how bad the discipline was. It was anything from having to write sentences to having extra chores to do or in a really bad one getting swatted by one of our parents. With that said there are the parents that went to the extreme and did abuse their kids and did lose their kids. Their actions I don’t approve of, the parents need to stay in control when dealing with the kids.

I don’t know how many times as a kid I got told that if I wanted something special {name brand sneakers or 501 Levi’s} I had to earn them. I would have to do extra chores, work extra hard in school and make sure I didn’t get in trouble or I would lose the points that I had worked for. I see kids today that will throw
a fit in a store so they can get a toy. If I did that as a kid I would have gotten my butt swatted when I got home. Rewarding a kid for throwing a fit doesn’t show the kid that they have to earn anything.

I have seen kids say they are going to call the cops on their parents for ’emotional problems’ if they don’t get what they want. They don’t understand that they need to work for what they get.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a family and maybe we need to have the parents take control of the kids first. Telling them know is safe to do. Taking away their game system won’t cause them to die. Giving them a book to read instead of getting on the internet will broaden their minds.

Parents talk to those that you look up to and see how they work with their kids to teach them responsibility and manners. Show them that opening the door for an elder or a disabled person and not wanting anything in return will make them happier than a toy from the store. Give them a sense of pride in who and what they are.


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