What is the Recommended Daily Allowance

What is the Recommended daily allowance on the side of each item that we buy mean? How is the daily recommended allowance figured? The first thing is that we need to know what I am talking about here. As you can see from the image it has the serving size, calories, the fats and ones you need to limit, the ones you should get enough of and how they are figured. But the question is who figured how much is a good thing of something to have in your body?

Now here is the first of a series of questions for you: Do you live in the Northern Part of the World? Do you have dark or pale skin? There is a reason for the questions.

If you live in the Northern part of the World, say the Seattle, Washington or Vancouver, Canada area and get down during the winter seasons or when it rains a lot then you may have a challenge that you don’t need a prescription to fix. Vitamin D.

What is vitamin D and how can you get it in your body? Vitamin D is often called a sunshine vitamin and your body can make it by getting sunlight. If you are outside in the summer with shorts and a tank top on your arms and legs can get the sunlight in and naturally create the vitamin D that your body needs. As this image shows the Vitamin D can do a lot of things to help the body. So, making sure that we get enough is important to help our body feel and work better for us.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, for a person who is over 18 years old the recommended daily amount is 600 international units {IU}. This is what they think that you should take. 1

The government has figured that an adequate blood level of Vitamin D is 20 nanograms per milliliters. They say that it can get through daily sun exposures with the skin.

How many of us can sit outside for a good part of the day? If you have a vitamin D deficiency then you may not realize it but have signs of it. Before going to the doctors and getting a pill to make you feel better let’s see if it is the Vitamin D.

Do you have: difficulty thinking clearly, bone pain, frequent bone fractures, muscle weakness, soft bones that may result in deformities, unexplained fatigue or other problems? They may be caused by Vitamin D deficiency and should be checked with a doctor but ask them to see what your vitamin D level is. Before getting a pill for ‘depression’ try Vitamin D and getting it higher first. 2

These are several factors have contributed to the rising incidence of vitamin D deficiency.

These include:

wearing sunscreen (sunscreen blocks the sun’s ability to stimulate vitamin D production)

not spending enough time outside

having darkly pigmented skin, which won’t absorb the sun’s rays as well

exclusively breast-feeding babies for prolonged time periods

being obese, which typically raises your vitamin D requirements


Be willing to ask your doctor if there is a way that the foods you eat could be causing some of the problems that you are having and try to modify the foods to make yourself feel better. I know that it can be done. I have been able to do it. By increasing my Vitamin D I am not as depressed as I used to be and no longer on the ‘anti -depressant’ that I used to take.



1} http://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/vitamin-d/dosing/hrb-20060400

2} http://www.healthline.com/health/vitamin-d-deficiency#overview1


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