W.W.E. … When the World turned Extreme!

When we think of the WWE most think of wrestling. They think of people like The Undertaker, Ken Shamrock, Michelle McCool and others. But there is another way the same initials can mean something very different … When the World turned Extreme. That is what I am looking at here.

The world has become extreme in a way that is not the best for people of the day. The way that people are thinking has gone to the extreme. The world talks in ways that people don’t seem to think about the reactions that others are going to feel or react to.

Some people think that America needs to be for ‘White people’ only, but here is the simple fact that being an American means that you are a person who understands that not everyone is the same. The fact is that those who are of American decent aren’t ‘White’ they are the Natives were here before us. Those are the ones who the Hopi Indians interacted with. Those who are related to the Maya, the Aztec and other tribes.

When a person types a mean message on Twitter, do they realize what they are doing? Do they understand that hate only creates more hate? Is that what they want? Do they want to destroy the freedoms that we have? Why?

Have you ever heard that the darkness will spread like the rot on an apple? It will consume your soul to the point that no light can come through and your soul has no room for anything left. The hate can take your ability to love others, to understand how things can affect you or others, to enjoy life.

When people act on the hate that they hear over and over they cause the government to want to ‘protect’ the people by trying to take away the rights that we have. Some people want to try to force the issue in their favor by provoking problems. There have been times that people have used peaceful protest to promote things by acting out.

When you look at the protest that are peaceful and then suddenly go violent, there is often something I found of interest with. Often it is blamed on African Americans but the interesting thing is that there often groups of people dressed in all black with black ski masks that are provoking the issue. Who are these people and why does it happen when there is no reason for it?

The fact is that there are those who want to claim that people with white skin are better than others but the fact is that those with pale skin have the same DNA as everyone else. Being of pale skin is a mutation that the human body did to survive the colder weather.


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