Climate Reality … AKA ‘I’m Melting’!!!

Ok, this is my sense of humor on a serious problem.

I have lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life and over the last few years have noticed that people still drive cars to and from every day. We have one of the best public transportation systems in the area and there is no reason that you should drive three blocks to the store to get two things. We have feet for walking.

Now it is not even July and it is super freaking hot. We are supposed to hit the 90’s in the temperature area and I am feeling like I am going to melt! I remember when it lucky if we got into the 80’s in August but this is where I get frustrated.

There are people that say that ‘Climate Change isn’t happening’. My suggestion is that they look at what the planet is saying! The ocean currents work to keep the planet cool. The warmer the water, the stronger the storms (Katrina, Sandy etc.} and if the ice melts in the North Pole then we have no way to cool the water and cool the planet. We have polar bears that have been found dead in the water from drowning (they can swim for an hour with no problem!) so the ice is a serious issue.

Another ‘technical issue’ is that if you dump that much fresh water into the sea, the ocean currents will shut down because it will be warmer and the ocean currents need to cool the water by warming places like Britain and the colder water would drop and head back down to the equator to get warm and cool the planet.

This doesn’t talk about the water rising or any of the other fun issues that will happen. Can we say, “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!!!!”

Call your people in government and tell them to promote green jobs and public transportation!

We have one planet and that is this one – stop hurting it!!!


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