Who would you choose?

If you could create a new American Government using the basic requirements that they have life experiences, relative experience to the position, be Constitutionally qualified, and still living this day … who would you choose? Why would you choose that person?

To the people who I mention: the highest respect is given to each and no disrespect at all.

So, with this in thought, here is what I came up with: this will not have a full government but the offices that need changes in my eyes.

President of the United States: Senator John McCain

    The reason for this choice is simple. Senator McCain has the life experience of being in the US Navy, he understands the problems of commanding others as he was a Commander in the US Navy. He has been through the pain of being a prisoner of war and not being used as propaganda during Vietnam.

Vice President of the United States: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

.    Again, she has the life experience of who has been able to work within the government, she understands the laws, and she has been in the real world as a parent.

Secretary of Education: Mrs. Michelle McCool – Calaway

    Mrs. McCool – Calaway is a former teacher. She worked as a teacher prior to becoming a WWE Superstar and then getting married to Mark Calaway. She has been on both sides of the money and understands that kids need a good life and a good education.

Director of the FBI: Former Director James Comey

    He has the experience and is well known for the documentation and work ethics that are needed.

Director of the EPA: Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye

    Both are scientist and both are known to understand the way that the planet has been damaged. They are well known to want to protect the world and ask questions.

There are others that can be added to this but you get where this is going. Each person is someone that has the experience that they need to be able to make decisions that will affect the world.


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