Healthcare for all … Myth or Reality?

Does healthcare for all really exist? Can it work in the United States? What is so hard to do? Where do lives matter over money?

This may sound like a strange one but please hear me through. When people talk about healthcare, there are very distinctive lines. There are the people who feel that everyone should have healthcare no matter what. There are those who feel that the healthcare should depend on the amount of money for the quality. There are those who feel that if a person has a preexisting condition then they shouldn’t get coverage or they should have to pay more for it.

Me? I feel that healthcare should be for all, there are no reasons that anyone should be denied healthcare. If a person has a preexisting condition then they should still be able to get healthcare. If they have little or no income then they should be able to get healthcare.

Why do I feel this way? I have ‘preexisting’ conditions. I have very little income, but I also have the understanding that for people to have the freedoms that are in the constitution that they need to be healthy and have access to medical.

When they say people with ‘preexisting’ conditions should have to pay more, I honestly wonder what they would do with me. I was a blue baby. When I was born the doctors used to rate newborns at three time intervals. 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. Doctors to this day do the 5 minutes and the 10 minutes score. This is called an Apgar Score. It checks the child’s appearance, pulse, grimace, activity and respiration to make sure that the child is going to be OK. This is also how they can tell if the child is in danger and needs emergency treatment.

When I say I was a blue baby that means that my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. From what I was told, mine was a super challenge because it was wrapped twice and in a knot. The doctors didn’t do my one minute score because they were trying to get my cord off my neck. So technically that meant for the first two minutes (that is how long it took) of my life I had no air getting in and no oxygen getting to my brain. {This is an image found on the net, not me} When people talk about preexisting conditions and they should have to pay more they are saying that a child like the one in the image should be forced to pay extra for health insurance due to the way they were born.

Why can’t we get healthcare for all here in this country? In one word, money. The people with the money that don’t feel that others are their responsibility put pressure on the government and try to force the issue. President Obama tried to set it up and there has been push back from the insurance companies, the people who make the medical supplies and other members of Congress because their money is in danger.

If you look at our neighbors to the north (Canada) they have a system of health insurance that is working. According to their site ( ) everyone gets preventive care and medical treatments from their primary doctors as well as access to the hospitals, dental surgery and additional medical services. With a few exceptions, all citizens qualify for health coverage regardless of medical history, personal income, or standard of living.


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