Assume …. The Biggest Mistake Ever

When you assume that you know better than most, how do you know for sure? Is assuming mean that you are better than others? I honestly don’t know but this post is what I see happening and it makes me rather sick. I am voicing my personal feelings only in this one.

When I hear that people, who have paler skin than others assume that they are smarter or better than those with dark skin – I usually must prevent myself from screaming at them. They are no better any anyone else. Their views are no more important than anyone else’s. The reason that the person of pale skin wants to believe that is because they view are more important is to make them feel better. Often it is a person is talking from a point of weakness and they feel the need to put the other person down.

When you look at a person who is thin, most would think they are healthy and that is again an assumption. The person could have a medical condition that prevents them from being healthy they look thin and healthy. If you look at a person who is overweight, the assumption is that they need to go on a diet. Again, the assumption is wrong. The person may have a health condition that causes the issue.

There are other things that can be shown as examples but the one I want to stress is you can’t look at a person and instantly feel that you know everything about them. When a person is ‘disabled‘ they don’t have to be in a wheelchair or totally blind to be that way. The person could be physically ok but have a mental health issue that causes things to be done in a way prevents them from working. A person who has chronic issues, could be considered too ‘disabled’ to work. I will use myself as an example. I have a chronic pain issue – for me pain at a 5 is a good day. When I have worked in the past, people have tried to use the fact that I have pain issues as a reason to let me go. I didn’t choose to be this way. It is the way my body is wired. Yet I have had people tell me that I need to get a job and stop trying to get SSDI.

I have tried to work several times and it isn’t something that people are willing to take a risk on me. When I go for the interview the first thing they see isn’t my ability to do the job but the cane I must use to walk. So where is the understanding that everyone is different? Not in the hiring managers mind, they are looking at cost to train and the fact that I use a cane.

So, when people assume that I don’t want to work, it isn’t true. I have tried but have lost more jobs due to things that are not within my control than the ones that are in my control.


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