The fun of Twitter …


When you go on Twitter it is usually to chat with someone, or get the latest news, or some of the latest gossip on what is going on with people pulling strange things. Other times you find someone who seems to understand what you are going through, or what you have been through.

I found a person who is a former veteran like myself and they have similar views of my husband and myself. Their handle is ‘USAF Liberal Vet’. we are both veterans, myself Army, he is a combat veteran with the Air Force. The wonderful thing is that when I was putting some pictures of Tuvalu on Twitter, he was doing comments and wanting to know more about them. he has been willing to read some of the post that I have done on this blog site and comments back to me.

When I use the word ‘1d10t’ on Twitter, or ask permission to ‘court martial’ someone that is being special on the news, I know that I am going to make one person laugh due to the understanding of what I am talking about. We both have the same feelings on the current president of the United States. Some of our conversations have been: about how we feel about the current way things are going or what needs to happen with the planet or other things.

If you are on Twitter, check his post out – you might find that you agree with him.

USAF Liberal Vet




Permission to … Drill Sergeant?

This will show that the US Army is never quite done with anyone. For me asking permission to do things is something that I have never quite gotten rid of. we get used to doing within the first few days of basic training. This is one time that I had to leave what I want to do a blank because there is more than one thing that I want to do.

First off, I want to make sure that people understand that these are my personal feelings on things. The first one is that I would want to make sure that the people who need help, get it. people with disabilities aren’t that way because they want to be that way, it is life’s toss of the dice. When a person goes to get medical treatment, people shouldn’t be treated like they don’t know what is going on. People need to understand that there some people who have medical training and understanding. The doctors need to understand that people aren’t test subjects that can be used in any way that the doctors want. Permission to tell the doctors where to go Drill Sergeant?

The people who don’t think that climate change is real, need to look at places like Tuvalu. We need to stop using the fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow. We need to start doing things like carpooling or riding public transportation or walking when possible. If we could get people to do the carpool routine there would be less damage on the cars, there would be less cars on the road, the air would be cleaner and we could start undoing a tiny bit of the tons of damage that we have done. Permission to force carpooling to protect the planet Drill Sergeant?

If we could get people to eat more real foods and less junk foods our health cost would go down. When I say, ‘real food’ I mean homemade foods that are low in fat, use natural things instead of salts and sugars, and take the time to cook. There is a creation out there called a crock pot that is wonderful to use. You can put food in it and slow cook it for 8 hours and the food comes out wonderful. I make everything from soups to chicken meals to spaghetti sauces in it and the nice thing is that you have more than one meal done. You can make three or four meals and put them in the fridge.

When you make real foods in the end your body begins to heal and you feel better. You get to make the food the way you want to have it, if you want it to be a bit on the spicy side, you can make it that way and you can have the pride of making a good meal that taste good. Permission to have people learn what real meals are Drill Sergeant?

I see repeatedly, kids that are eating things like chips and candy and they are having weight problems. This could be so easily cured if they were eating the right foods and exercising. Some of the kids are doing the second part and exercising but they aren’t being supervised. The parents are letting them run without making sure that they are safe. The kids are the future of this world and we need to make sure that they are healthy and strong.

A Country in Need … Tuvalu

What if I told you that there is a country that is suffering from CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL WARMING faster and more dangerously than we could imagine. The island is TUVALU in the Pacific Ocean.

The fact is that with the warmer climate driving the sea levels up, the low-lying island countries are having to face a very uncertain future. Some could disappear completely if we aren’t careful. Some of these nations are having a major problem and one is Tuvalu. They sit 600 miles north of Fiji and is about on average 6 feet above sea level with its highest point being 15 feet above sea level.

They have been one of the most vocal about climate change and the sea level rising. As an entire nation Tuvalu has as of 2012 a max greenhouse gas emissions of 5.24 with the minimum of 2.27. (



As you can see this island is beautiful but we are destroying it. While the coral may be beach building on one side of the island, if a ‘King Tide’ comes in, people on this island have nowhere to go. The King Tide is the highest high tide of the year in the pacific. (

We are doing this. When you drive to work by yourself in the car, day after day, week after week, all the emissions from the vehicles do this. The damage that gets done is they can’t grow traditional foods due to the sea water, they have to keep everything off the floor (fridge too) or it will be destroyed.

How can we stop this?

Carpool, ride the local transit system to work, walk to the store if in distance. Pay attention to what you are doing. If you have extra lights on in your house, turn them off. Contact people in your city council, state legislators, or Federal government and ask, beg and have your voice be heard that you want clean energy.

The more we push we can slow the waters down, we can help people in Tuvalu not lose their homes. We can help with reversing the damage that we have done.

A Message from the Past …

The Ancient ones emerge and run,

in chaos’ full eruption.

An evil band in every land,

delighting in destruction.

What seems shapeless, formless and faceless,

their great one is releasing.

So, to enslave both god and knave,

their sorrow thus increasing.

Who is man to stay the hand

of those the gods can’t better?

And a hero yet

takes the bet,

to break the evil’s fetter.

Three lights of hope to help you cope,

one south, in sand and wonder.

One to the east,

detect the beast and tear their plan asunder.

The final light, will mark the fight

where you must face your fear.

A door ajar,

you travel far and yet

you find it near …


This is from a game that seems to have more meaning as each day. I know it sounds strange that a game may have a different meaning than just to play and have fun with but this seems to be what we need right now. When you break it down and really read the poem you will find that things are much stranger in this world than we expect.

The first line doesn’t make much sense by itself but if you look at the next line as well things start to make a bit more sense. While the current President doesn’t count as being ancient, when he began to show the interest in politics the chaos began.

You look at what has happened in the news recently you can see the trouble that is being caused. With the pardon of a well-known racist sheriff, to the disrespect that has been shown to who stand against his say, or the trying to blame everyone else for mistakes that are made, everywhere President Trump goes is nothing but chaos.

The more that he is allowed to run and have power over this country, the more that we see the evil in human nature. That has become a destructive band that is spreading to every land. He seems to delight in the destruction of trust that he is causing. He seems to want to enslave everyone to his belief system, those that go against him seem to bother him more than he can handle.

What we need is for congress to become heroes. We need to get the President in for a full mental health evaluation and get him out of office. The behavior that he puts out is so dangerous that we may not have a choice but to try to travel far.

When my mind won’t slow down …

When my mind won’t slow down, sleeping is a challenge. I love to sit for hours and write. When I am writing my husband could just about drop a small war on me and I wouldn’t notice for the most part. I am one of those people who loves to make things a bit strange and when I write I do that.

If you look at any of the stories that I have for the Kindle or the stories that I have on other sites there is always a strange twist in them. Some of the stories that I do are a bit out there but they are fun. They also seem to have a moral to it.

The ones that I have on Amazon are: A Shadow in Time, Attack, Feeding Time, A New Life, The Attachments, The Horizon, Rose Manor and more.

The one that is on many sites are Dead Speak, Eyes of a Stranger and The Haunting. is the Books2Read link for Dead Speak is the Books2Read link for Eyes of a Stranger is the Books2Read link for The Haunting

Now my mind is on overdrive again and I will be working new ones. I wish I could get more funds for the writing I do.

People often want to get in touch with me, they can through email {}

Safe and Appropriate Behavior …

What is safe and appropriate behavior for a person to do? When is common behavior not acceptable anymore? Where do you draw the line? What do you do when someone crosses it?

These questions have several aspects to them. When we look at them we must have a basic level of what each part means so I will use the definitions from an online dictionary to make sure that we are all on the same page.

Dictionary definitions:


1: free from harm or risk: unhurt


especially suitable or compatible


a: of or relating to a community at large

b: known to the community


a: the manner of conducting oneself criminal behavior normal adolescent behavior

b: anything that an organism does involving action and response to stimulation

Now you may be wondering why the definitions are so important, but the fact is that we have people that are not behaving in such a way that meet these definitions. When you look at the news recently you hear about statements that the President of the United States is making and you can see that they are not meeting the definitions that are above.

When you look at what has happened in Charlottesville VA, the behavior is not one that meets the definitions. When the Constitution of the United States was written, some freedoms were given that all people have. One is the freedom of speech that is given in the First Amendment of the Constitution. While this is important people also need to understand that ‘hate speech’ may be covered as ‘Freedom of Speech’ but those that are choosing to use the hate speech needs to read the rest of the first amendment which is to peaceably assemble.

When people go to rallies and choose to use hate speech they are trying to pick a fight. They are trying to force their beliefs onto others and when they don’t get their way they go to violence. As we saw in Charlottesville, those that choose to go for a fight they came armed. While a torch lit rally is one thing when it turns to where the torches are used as weapons then the second part of the first amendment is not something that they can hide under for it says peaceably assemble.

All lives matter, not just black lives. The statues of the Confederate generals are history, yes, a time of sickening history but at the same time there needs to be some moderation of what is destroyed and what isn’t. If the statue is a known place for hate rallies then yes it should come down. If it is a place where people come to learn the past in a safe environment then there is a need to remember what happened.

The history is there, something that can be touched and read about. When the people who have lived it are gone, then we need reminders that everyone is created the same. The history books are there to show us but some people need to have something to touch to really understand it.

When we look at statements that are made by a person who is the President of the United States and they drive the wedge between people instead of uniting them. The first comments that we heard from the current President about Charlottesville were heard as almost approval by those in the white power movement. The second set of comments that he said they claimed to be getting attacked.

Either way things are not acceptable. Having a person who is trying to cause hate as the person in the White House is going to cause trouble for this country.

A Persistent Infection …

There is a persistent infection that keeps going in the United States. This isn’t one that seems to want to go away anytime soon. It started in the 1860’s and as we saw in Charlottesville Virginia. This country has been infected with something called ‘White Supremacy’ that makes no sense to me and others.

It seems to be like a drug that some of the people have gotten addicted to. It started with a small group and got more people infected with it.

This is a history lesson that we need to go over again. The pain is what I feel when I hear about the stuff that has been going on. I will not put up with people trying to say that this country needs to be one way only. I am not able to keep my feelings inside on this one.

This is a history lesson only!

To start with when the United States had its Civil War, it was over among things slavery. The reasons for the Civil War was: Industry vs. Farming, States’ Rights, Expansion, Slavery, Bleeding Kansas, Abraham Lincoln, and Secession. (1)

When the Civil War was over and the South had rejoined the Union, there were a series of problems that had happened. One of them was that the African Americans were no longer able to be owned as a piece of property better known as slaves. The South was placed under military rule. Slavery ended with the 13th amendment (2)

There was also something called Black Codes that were put into place to keep the former slaves in line. The ‘Black Codes’ would do things like force the African Americans that were freed to be forced into signing a yearly labor contracts. These were to keep the workforce in the South the same as before the Civil War. If they refused they could have been arrested and forced into unpaid labor. The Black Codes took the voice away from the African Americans. (3)

The first of the American Homegrown Terror Groups started during this time. In 1866 the KKK was founded. By the time of 1870 they had spread to almost every state in the Southern Union. The Congress passed legislation designed to curb the Klan terrorism in the 1870’s. When the 20th century started they came back. They started burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South. (4)

The ‘Whites Only’ movement got a boost in the 1930’s. When Germany had sent people over and they started to do ‘German Based’ groups. These were to promote the Nazi way of thinking. There were groups like the ‘German American Bund’ in 1936. The Bund was run by Fritz Kuhn. They ran the youth camps like the ones in Germany. (5) There were American Nazi Summer camps as well.

As the Civil Rights movement was underway they tried to stop this country from moving forward. When they failed they got rid of the white sheets and went to basic battle dress. Over the years they keep bringing up their ugly head.

Now they are showing up again and it is getting out of control. They are killing the innocent because beliefs are different than what the hate groups want.

Being white is no different than being of any other color or religion. The fact that people have white skin is due to the human ability to adapt to the colder weather. When they came up from Africa, there was a vitamin D deficiency so those with the lighter skin could get more vitamin D through their skin. That is the only difference. Trying to say that the White People are special is a crock of shit!!!!




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The truth about religion


I know that a lot of people are going to say that this is a topic that I should avoid but the fact is that there is some severe misconceptions that need to be looked into.

First off the fact that one of the oldest known cases of the belief in one god that is documented is Egyptian. Amenhotep the 3’s son was a pharaoh known as Akhenaten. Akhenaten was married to Nefertiti and their belief was in one god ‘The Aten’. They lived before the time of Ramses II. The Aten is the sun disk. They got rid of the old gods and said that the Aten was the one true god.

When they passed away, their son Tutankhamen became the pharaoh and under pressure of his advisors went back to the old gods. Ramses II was the one that said Akhenaten was a heretic.

Ramses II was the adopted…

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