What is the difference …

When I ask the question of what is the difference you may wonder what I am talking about. The fact is that what one person’s idea of not a lot of money is far too much for someone else to handle. It is like pain; one person may see it one way and another person may see it in a different way.

I love using Twitter to find the odd random things out. I get to talk with people like Ken Shamrock and feel like they care. Some of the people who follow me are there due to the blogs that I do and others like the information that I put out. There are those that seem to like to do other things and it bothers me. I want to be able to let people know my voice and my feelings but when they don’t understand some things that I go through then it bothers me.

I try not to bitch about it and try not to complain because it does no good. It makes me sad that there are people who have money and don’t seem to know how it can hurt others when they talk about the cost of somethings. I would love to put my ‘challenges’ behind me and have the money to take care of my family the way that I want but the ‘challenges’ are just that something that I must deal with.

I have been trying to get things going better for my family. We sell stuff on eBay (thesagas) and a Go Fund Me project (https://www.gofundme.com/2o5pvw4 ) trying to manage until I can get the VA to help with the ‘challenges’ that Ft. McClellan caused. My husband lost his SSI when I was working and so we must fight for that as well.

I have heard people tell me that the pain I deal with is all in my head and believe me it isn’t. Pain is something that people deal with differently. Everyone knows what a broken bone feels like. That is what is called ‘acute’ pain, but there is a different type and that is ‘chronic’ pain. Chronic pain is the type that never seems to go away. There are two types of it. Simple and complex. The simple chronic pain is one that about 90% of the people who have chronic pain have. The other 10% are the ones that have the complex chronic. We of the complex chronic pain group have more than one trigger and it causes far too much fun (NOT)!


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