Understanding Each Other …

Do you honestly understand the people you are friends with? How well do you know the people that you talk with on Facebook? Do you know if you are being a friend or if you are causing pain on accident?

With the world, we live in being more digital than face to face it is hard to know what is going on without looking into the person’s eyes how what you say is affecting them. I am well known for having a heart of gold and often on my sleeve but behind that is the soul that has walked through the underworld, fought the battles that others couldn’t and come out harder and stronger than most think.

Yet the eyes can be deceiving, people think that I am a soft and gentle person due to my looks but that is where not knowing me is one of the most dangerous things in the world. I am the person who feels that the children of  the world are the future and they need to be respected but at the same time they need discipline. I have seen what happens when kids don’t get the discipline that they need and trust me it sucks for the parents.

The parents can change the behavior but the kids need to understand that there is a difference between abuse and discipline. Those who discipline their kids are the ones that will tell them that they can’t have the candy bar in the store because they wouldn’t eat their dinner or they were not being good in the store. 

A parent who abuses the child is the person who breaks bones and fails to make sure that the kids can live up to the potential that they have.


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