Dark Money = Revolution

What is Dark Money? How can that lead to a Revolution? Why is it important to know about it?

When I say the words ‘Dark Money’ what does suggest? For me it is the money that is given under the table as bribes, extreme contributions or other ways to influence the government to do what a person wants. When a person wants to destroy a medical system that helps others to put one in place that has medical for a few then you need to wonder where the money is coming from that is shapes their feelings on it.

Dark Money can come from a large oil company that wants to drill in the Arctic or have people who they want to get to claim that climate change isn’t happening due to the use of fossil fuels. Dark Money could come from people who want to isolate the United States. Basically, it is the money that is hidden from the public for a personal or corporate agenda.

So how can tracking the ‘Dark Money’ equal a revolution? With the way that world works today, we are more connected than ever. Through Wi-Fi, internet café’s, local libraries, town hall meetings we can get our voices heard. If the people who we put in office don’t want to hear what we have to say, then they are out of a job at next election day. It is political will. That is a renewable resource that we have.

The more people that get angry about what they see and what they hear with the falsehoods on the news from channels like ‘Fox News’ then they don’t trust that source of information. We need to educate the masses on what is really going on and how people are getting hurt by the Dark Money that is out there.

There are ways to have a revolution without weapons. We have seen it before, when people peacefully gather and let their displeasure be known. The more that the pressure is done on the government the more that they have to listen. If they don’t want to listen then we have the political will to get them out of office. With the President behaving the way that he currently is we have the ability to remove him from office. We can have him impeached and removed from office.

We need to become more than people just talking about it and doing something about it. Go to town meetings and push hard questions, write letters, email people, get the information out in a way that works for you.


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