Care to dance …

This is another one of those strange titles but it will make sense in a bit.

Have you ever tried to work with the different government services that are out there? If you have then you can honestly relate to the story that I am about to tell you. This is a story that is real and currently happening to many people. The names have been changed for the people’s protection.

This is a family of two adults. Both are disabled. Now the definition of disabled that I am using for this one is that they are unable to hold jobs because their mental states won’t handle it. One has physical challenges as well.

One of the people worked at many jobs doing everything from call center work to maintenance at a fast food joint to phone support for banking. They have been in the United States Military. When they got discharged, they were having trouble walking due to the time in the service.

The other person was on Federal Aid because they had been hospitalized several times and had never had a job in their life.

This is where things get strange.

When the one person who had tried to work was able to hold a job, they were told that they had to report their gross (before taxes, medical etc.) had to be reported. They were told that their gross income was $100.00 too much and therefore the other person would lose their cash assistance, medical and anything else that they had. When they lost their job, and reported it to the same agency they were told that they got $50.00 too much gross unearned income. Now the only income that they had was the disability check and the Unemployment checks that they were getting.

Now they have lost the unemployment and are having to wait for the Federal aid that they paid into when they paid taxes and so they live on the disability check of less than $300 per month. They have to get help with their rent and other things and are suffering all the time.

Why is this messed up?

The amount before taxes is called the gross income. The amount you take home is net income. The fact that the government is going off the gross income is hurting people.

This needs to stop.


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