Tell me the truth!

I get frustrated easy when people don’t tell me the truth. There are some topics that to me are very near and dear to me and those that use them to try to manipulate me will find out that I will find out the truth and confront them on it.

I am a former US Army Military Police so when people try to manipulate me in ways that bother me, I will find the information that they don’t want me to find. When I do find it they will be confronted and I will end communication with them.

A perfect example is a person who claimed to be someone that is well known, was talking with me and I got a message that didn’t quite make sense. They wanted me to ‘help the children’ by picking up funds at one money transfer location and go to a different location and send it to a location that was going to ‘help the kids with doctor’s appointments’.

Something didn’t feel right so I began to dig and found out that the person hadn’t been honest with me. When I had found the information that verified my gut instinct I confronted the person and they began to do the routine of ‘I can’t believe you are digging into my information.’ The more I explained that I had found the truth the angrier they got.

I want to help people but not at getting used in the process.

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