A Cry for Help … Puerto Rico!

With everything that is going on today in the world, we need to remember that there are others suffering as well. Watching AM Joy this morning I saw a lady with true grace on the show. She is the Mayor of Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz. She showed true grace with the fact that she is stating that it is about savings lives after Hurricane Maria hit.

When Puerto Rico was hit and the amount of damage that was done to it, the current President made several remarks that showed how little he knew. Instead of going on the major news shows and putting him down Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz kept reinforcing that it was about saving lives and not a time for politics.

Some information on Puerto Rico that you may find interesting:

There are 3.411 million people living in Puerto Rico.

They have an average life expectancy as of 2015 of 79.57 years (that is almost 80 years old!)

Puerto Rico is a Territory of the United States. It has been since 1898.

Puerto Rico has an area of 3,515 ml2 and has a diverse ecosystem.

Why we need to help Puerto Rico …

Aside from it being common sense that we help each other there are several other reasons that we should be helping Puerto Rico, the first is that they are a Territory of the United States. Being a Territory of the US means that it has the right to create a constitution, and is part of the United States as not a state but a State in Training.

These people are hurting and in need of the help that the United States can give. If the government is running too slow then people can find out how to do it directly. People that want to help can do donations, help do a food drive to send to them, and if you have enough – go down and get a set of work gloves and help.

Let’s show the people of Puerto Rico that we are very different that the current President and that we do care. Let’s get it in gear and start helping our fellow Americans. We can do it. We have done it before and we can do it again.



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