America’s Book of Secrets —

Does America have a Book of Secrets? If so, what would it contain? Who would have access to it? Why would it be important for there to be a ‘Book of Secrets’?

First off: This is pure theory and there may be some other information that could be found and the ultimate choice to figure out what is true or not.

If America had a book of secrets there would chapters on groups like the FBI, CIA, the Secret Service and other branches within the government. There would be things on the transportation of the President and other things. Why would all this need to be hidden from the people?

Some of these would be dangerous for those who work in the system. These are people that work to keep us safe. But these are the same people that have families, kids and other things that everyone else does. The President has one of the hardest jobs in the world and they need to make sure that they are protected when they go out. Whether they are on the go or at the White house. There are those that would like to take the head of the of the country to make the US paranoid.

What else would the ‘Book of Secrets’ have? Would they have secret history of some of the worst things about the United States? Would there be a chapter on some of the most hated groups? The history of groups like the KKK or Neo-Nazi groups that do hate crimes for their personal choices. To make it clear – I can’t stand groups like the KKK or Neo-Nazi groups. They are in my opinion criminals and need to be taken off the streets and other areas.

So, when you want to be upset that the government is hiding information there may be a different reason for the need to be hidden. The ‘book of secrets’ may be one that doesn’t exist but there may be one that does, and it is for protection of those who live in the country.

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