Dreams … What are they?

We have all heard the prayers that we were told to stay safe when we would go to sleep, as a child. If you think about it, what are dreams? Why would we tell our kids to say specific prayers to keep them safe? Could dreams be dangerous? Could they be nothing more than our minds releasing stress?

Let’s think about it for a minute. In our world where everything must be explained, could it be that trying to figure everything out is the actual mystery? Why do we have to be able to catalog everything?

We have all had dreams – they are part of our bodies way of understanding what it has processed every day. So why do we have the little prayers that we tell our kids to say at night? Is it to calm our nerves or theirs of things that go bump in the night?

Prior to our modern way of life, where we try to make the most out of every minute of every day, we used to spend time with our families in the evening. Before we had TV and computers, parents would read the newspaper and the kids would be doing schoolwork on paper with pencil.

I remember those times; I wouldn’t have nightmares at night. I wouldn’t have trouble falling asleep at night. It was a comforting feeling. My parents had a TV, but we would have dinner together and there was a calmness that is missing now.

So back to the basic question, what are dreams? Are they our bodies way of telling us that we need to slow down? Do we need to have a calm down routine each night like we had when we were younger?

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