Secrets … Secrets … Why do we fear secrets?

Secrets, why do people fear those that have them? Why do we feel that somethings need to be kept totally secret?

First off let’s look at who has secrets. Short answer is everyone. Not real surprising right? So, we need to find out why some people feel that people in power are hiding things from the others. When people think of secrets often the thought goes to ‘secret societies’ and from there things go from being a secret to a conspiracy.

When you look at ‘secret societies’ people most often will think of the Freemasons. But if you look deeper the people that are in some of these ‘societies’ they are groups that are thinking the same way on some things. They often will have things that they are talking about that are ‘outside the normal’ and therefore talking with a person in their local church may not be the best thing. These are people who want to find out what is outside the common thinking. They are the ones that may see things that others don’t want to see or can’t be seen without there being a major threat to the person.

So, when a person is part of something that is secret, they may be working on something that is for the government that can change the world, or they could be talking with others that are similar in thought of how something should be done.

When a person takes a secret and twist it then things become a conspiracy. When President Obama was elected, people questioned his birthplace. They tried to say that because his father had been born out of the United States that he wasn’t an American Citizen. When they were shown proof beyond reasonable doubt, they would attack the proof. Their reason was not so much the fact that his father was born out of the US but the color of his skin.

The simple scary fact is that there are people who even though it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt feel that there are some skin colors are not as important or as intelligent as others and therefore should not be allowed to do some things. One of the ‘secrets’ that America has is that while we are said to be the ‘home of the free’ there are some that wouldn’t let people be free. There are those that feel that because someone is part of a group, they must be part of the ‘conspiracy against the free’.

Everyone has secrets. Everyone has things that they don’t the world to know. If a person is in a group with others that have similar thoughts, then it isn’t safe to talk about things that others don’t or choose not to understand.

There are secrets that need to be kept secret. Things that we need to have trust in the government to make sure that they do their job and keep us safe. There are checks and balances written into the very foundation of our country. The country has three branches of government. This was set up so no one branch could be too powerful.

So, the next time that you hear of a new conspiracy or that the Freemasons are going to take over the world, think about the people who are trying to scare you with it. Are they worried that you are going to start thinking outside what they feel comfortable?

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