And for something completely strange:

Volcano’s, Earthquakes,why do we need them?

When we look at the destruction of a volcanic eruption what do we see? Most see the destruction of the homes, the cars that have been destroyed, lives (if any) that were lost, basically a lot of destruction. There is another side to it – the side that most don’t see. Renewal – the land is being renewed with the destruction at the same time. If you look at the lush lands of the Hawaiian Island, you can see both the destruction and renewal.

Through the process new land is created, fresh soil will be created that will grow the beautiful flowers that you see.

Yet there are areas that have both Earthquakes and Volcano’s. Why are they special?

When you look at where both the earthquakes and volcanos are at you can see that there is a tectonic plate boundary nearby. The earthquakes are often on the faults. The faults are the fractures that we can see where the plates move.

When an earthquake happens, depending on the type it could be recycling the land, creating new land by splitting apart or shifting in position. Depending on the type will tell you how long they will last. This may seem like something simple but on the Pacific Plate there is a ‘Ring of Fire.’ That ring outlines the plate with a series of volcanoes.

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