As Above So as Below

With as busy as our lives have gotten – how many have balance in their lives?

Can we as a group of people put all the negative in our lives in one side and all the positive in the other and have the scales stay in balance? We need to have balance in our lives in order to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

It doesn’t matter the color of our skin. It doesn’t matter how much money we have. Where we were born – doesn’t matter at all. The balance can be achieved in all areas if we work at it. The thing is we need to have balance just to be healthy.

Our bodies are a machine. If you put the wrong things in it, the machine will break. If you eat something that is poisonous it can kill you. That is the easiest way to describe it. Now with the mentally and spiritually are just as important to us as the physical part.

When we look at the mental health part, we need to slow down for our bodies good. When we are mentally going off the deep end, we must have a break, or we are going to have a break down. We all have been under the button and the stress of life and know the feeling of being totally drained. Whether it is the kids are sick, work has us stressed, our family has a medical issue, the car broke down or whatever it is that has pushed us a bit farther than we are normally used to. Some people will go home and crash, spend the night at home trying to relax. Others will go out and have a drink or two. Others may go to church and pray for a calm to hit. But you look at the baggage our bodies are going to get worn down.

When people don’t take the time sort out what is important and what can be put on the back burner for a few. We need to learn and understand how to make things a priority and when they can wait for a few. The car breaking down – urgent, maybe! Do you have a coworker that you can ride in with? If so then you have the problem solved. What about public transportation? That means that it doesn’t have to be taken to the top of the list. If you have sick kids or a family emergency – then you need to take care of that. That is your family and you need to take care of your home first. If you have a way to set it up that you can work at home when there is a family issue to where your kids are sick, then that would help.

We all need time to mend spiritually, it doesn’t matter if you are of the Christian belief, Muslim belief, Jewish or any belief system we need time to mend. That could be sitting in a tub of water and relaxing to soft music. It could be walking down the beach.

We need to take the time to work with all parts of our lives. The physical, mental and spiritually. Taking the time to heal all parts of the body and soul and therefore it is important to eat healthy foods, getting enough rest, and taking the time to let your mind relax and sort itself out.

Try it one week: eat homemade foods, try getting enough rest, take a walk in your yard, let things go. If you have a lot of things going on, then take a sheet of paper and write down what is the most important and then the second most and you will be able to find that relax.

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