About the person who writes this stuff (Donations)

This is my way of getting what I feel needs to be seen by others. Most of the time it is for historical information but there is times that my straight personal feelings will show through.

I have had a love for history, learning and writing for many years and found that this is the easiest way to get what I have in my head out. While some might not agree feel free to leave comments on it due to the fact that I love the feedback and it helps with the way that I write.

I am a Military Veteran and have a lot of the strengths and responsibility that go with it. I try to make sure that the information that is in verifiable sources (I can’t stand Wikipedia) and will put the links in whenever I can.

People often ask about doing donations and the best way is to go to the Go Fund Me page that I have and you can do a donation there.




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