How many times …

How many times do people have to suffer to have others understand there is a problem with the way that the world works? How many soldiers must give more than others to have others see their suffering hasn’t ended? When is it going to be enough for people to see there is a problem in the way that those who have given as much as our veterans do?

With the recent conflicts that have happened and the different wars that we have been as of the last 20 years, veterans who suffer with PTSD has gotten much higher. When people suffer with PTSD and aren’t understood, they will often do things like self-medicate to deal with what they are going through.

Self-medication can be the use of alcohol, use of illegal drugs, taking extra of prescription medications or their behavior will change. People who used to be out going will become quiet. Those who wouldn’t hurt another person suddenly become someone that you wouldn’t want to be around when they have been drinking. Some warning signs that things are going downhill real fast.

How can you stop a person who is on a bad run? Be there for them, truly listen to them, be willing to make the call even if they don’t want you to. Understanding is a big part of helping a person who is having trouble with finding a reason to go on. They may not understand why they feel the way that do and getting through it is hard but true friends can help.

Life is too special to give up on … If you or someone that you know showing signs of trouble please, please – don’t give up on life. Understanding and caring can go a long way. Caring enough to make sure that a person stays safe is the key to being a good friend.


A Dance with Geysers

How many people would dance with geysers? Would you be willing to do that job? Did you know what is under the geysers that make them dance so wildly?

One of our greatest National Parks is Yellowstone, but there is a secret to it. Yellowstone is what is called a Super – Volcano. The reason that it is called that is the fact that Yellowstone has what is called a caldera.

When you think of a Volcano, you think of places like Anak Krakatau (Krakatoa)
but a super – volcano has the caldera which is a large crater that has fallen back into the magma chamber.

If you have ever been in an earthquake then you know how scary that is, now imagine that and then your back yard starting to bulge. The more that you get the bulge and more earthquakes then you probably run. Those who live within 100 miles of Yellowstone where would you run to? this is a good video to watch

How do we rate volcanoes and how would we know the difference between a normal eruption and a super eruption?

Volcano eruptions are rated on a VEI – scale. The VEI scale is like the scale that is used rate Tornadoes. The more it spits up the higher it is on the scale.


PTSD … A Living Hell …

This is for all of those who suffer with this. I know that PTSD is a living hell for I have lived it for a long time. Please never give up – reach out when things are low, your life is worth more than you can ever know.

Those who don’t think that life can be worth anything due to the trauma and pain that they have gone through please hear my words – Life is always worth living, we have a strength that we can tap into. I speak from living the hell that PTSD is.

The stigmatism that you aren’t strong enough to put it behind you is Bull Shit (please forgive the language). The lives we live are ones that people will never understand unless they have been there. We are the ones that people want to say take this medication and it will fix your problems. There is more to it.

I am going to tell you a story about a person that I know. I will change their name for their protection, but this story is 100% true. – I know a person who we will call Cat for a reference point. Cat didn’t have an easy life growing up. She went through feeling like a second-class person because she felt like she wasn’t good enough for her parents. So, when she got attacked and they were out of town, she tried to hide it. She knew their belief and that they would look down on her. But things changed in her behavior.

Behavior change is something that we need to watch for. When people who have PTSD, start making major behavior changes that should be a red flag – the robot from ‘Lost in Space’ saying “Warning … Danger” – we need to interject and step up and help.

We need to let people know that we are not perfect. We didn’t choose to have this condition. A pill won’t fix it. A person listening – truly listening and being willing to put the extra pot of coffee on and stay up all night if needed to make sure that you are safe is what is needed.

We can find ways to survive the pain that happens when our triggers set us off. If watching the news and hearing of children getting hurt is a trigger for you as it is for me, then limit the time you watch the news. If there are several stories about it over a several days, have someone watch with you and when those things come up – walk out of the room, have the person tell you when the story is over.

I will never give up on you if you never give up on yourself. Yes, this condition is hell to go through, but you can make it. There may be times that you want to give up but remember that there is someone on the other end of a phone that will listen.

I want to leave you with some phone numbers – the most important one is 9-1-1. If you are wanting to give up and have no other choice – call them. The police will help you get the medical attention you need to stay safe. The second one is


PTSD … What do you know?

This may sound like a strange thing to have a conversation about however I hope you will understand that there are more people who suffer from mental health challenges than are known and with everything that is going on it needs to be seen as what it is … something that needs to be understood.

First off, I want to get something out there … a person can have a mental health issue and look totally normal.

There has been a stigmatism for those people who have mental health problems as they aren’t right in the head and need to be avoided. That has to be one of the biggest misunderstandings that is out there. These people are no different than you or your neighbor. It is the perception of what people see or think that they see when they hear a person is different than themselves.

You can’t cure something like this with a pill and that is one of the major problems. People can’t understand that a trauma based problem isn’t something that will be cured that fast. PTSD is the initials for a serious problem. The full name of the condition is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As it sounds when you hear the full name there has been a major Traumatic event in the person’s life that has affected them in ways that others may not understand. People who were in WW1 were said to have ‘Shell Shock’ from being in the trenches. That ‘Shell shock’ has since been seen for what it really is: PTSD.

Many things can cause PTSD: an abusive family when growing up, Rape, Domestic Violence as an adult, Criminal Victim, Combat, Racial harassment, Gender harassment, the list goes on and some are very hard to understand. The fact that some of these can be prevented by the simple understanding and change in Cultural Beliefs is one way to deal with things.

If a person has a different skin color or religious belief than others, if they are judged enough and not understood then they end up with problems and stigmatisms later in their life and that can cause the trauma to build up over time. IF you look at what happened in the United States with the civil Rights movement – people were wounded, sprayed with fire hoses for the rights that they were given by the creator of their life.

PTSD can show itself in so many ways that people may not understand it is scary. If a person who has served in combat is taken to see a war movie and suddenly withdrawal from what they used to do, there is a problem. If a person can’t go to location or ride on a public transportation, there may be a reason behind that. Telling someone to get over it is the worst thing that you can do.

Getting over going through a situation that is pure hell and surviving should be something that a person needs to work through and have people understand when flare ups happen. A flare up can happen from the news, hearing something and it brings that memory back.

To those who suffer from PTSD please remember that you aren’t alone and that your life is more important than fitting in with the rest of the world. I know what you are going through and you are stronger than you think. – You have my love, my heart and my understanding.


One Year with the Drumph!

It has been a year since we in the United States woke up with the fact that a constant liar for the newest president of the United states.

The reason that I call Donald Trump the ‘Drumph’ is because his Grandfather came over from Germany under that name. The fact that the history has been changed to make his Grandfather’s reason for leaving is just one of the reasons that I call him a liar.

Yet this is what he said on Twitter

His grandparents are nothing but immigrants and, yet he was saying the opposite. There is the same sort of thing with the fact that Trump had problems with his Father’s past. While the information that I was able to find was only from the 2016 – 2017 newspapers, and I couldn’t find any from the 1927 year that I could quote.

When you look at the things that he has done, he constantly is changing his story on what he is going to do. We need to get him out of office now!

The NRA – Reset your Values

With all the shootings that have happened the NRA needs to reset their values on what they push for in the US government. The fact is that they have caused more problems and more people to lose their lives due to telling the government that they shouldn’t pass weapons control laws.

When you look at what the NRA was originally about it was about weapons safety and were mostly for hunters and other things. What changed? This is a subject that is hard to do but must be done. Columbine shooting happened. The President at the time was President Clinton and the Vice President was Al Gore. There is a reason that I mention this.

When the Columbine Shooting happened there was a vote on Gun Control that was at a tie in 1999 and Vice President Gore was the tie breaker that passed the law ( The NRA went on the Offensive and started using commercials saying that VP Gore wanted to take the weapons away from the people. They went so far as to get Charlton Heston to do the commercials This copy of the Frontline show that was done on the NRA ( )

Now we are having shootings almost every day and people don’t see that if we don’t get some weapons and ammo control then we have a problem!

Wake up – the second Amendment isn’t about fully automatic weapons, 30 round clips, and other things – it was written to give the people the ability to protect themselves. You don’t need an AR-15 to do that, you can with proper training and a handgun. That with comprehensive background checks and limited ammo then you are using your brain.

Who Can Win ‘The Game’ …

When we play the game of life, can we win? Is there any way that we can honestly win in a game that is rigged to have the rich get richer and the poor struggle more? Is there a reason that we should be worried about having to play a game just to survive?

The answers are we can win at the game of life, but the fact is that I have seen people take shortcuts to make it. The people who have to cut corners often make mistakes and then there are problems further out. When you cut corners in a building of a house then the house isn’t safe, and it can’t be sold. If you do that with your health, you will have to deal with it later in life.

Do you want to play a game with your health? What about your kid’s health? Are you willing to put the health of your kids on the line by playing a game with the food that they eat? When you buy fast food, TV dinners, or get things like pizza all the time … you are playing a game with your kids and your own health.

When you take the time to make homemade food then you know what is going in the food that is going in your kids. When you make a burger and fries at home, you know what is in those foods (this is an example). You know how lean the beef is, how well it is cooked, if the fries are deep fried or baked, how much salt is in it and it will cost less in the long run.

If you want to have a fast food meal and want to have pizza that is fine, make sure that you are getting stuff that is healthy on it. Now people don’t like to have stuff that is healthy all the time. That is fine, but if you have one meal that is healthy every day then go up to two soon you find that you are eating healthier than you realize.

Instead of chips, have some popcorn, or have some fresh veggies and salad dressing, this is just as tasty, and your body will thank you for. Instead of having soda, sparkling water and this will make you feel better. Sparkling juice is just as tasty as soda but less calories.