If Someone said ‘Help Me’ would you …

This is an issue that must be personal choice:

When you hear a person who is asking for help do you find out why?
This is an issue that people don’t want to hear and have brought attention to. But it needs too have done. When a person is saying help me the problem is that too many people have turned a blind eye to. It has become in some sense a political issue. People want to be able to say they are a good person but when there is a challenge that they don’t want face they say that ‘someone else will take care of it.’

If you were walking down the street and saw a person whose house was on fire and they were trying to get their kids out, you would help. If you saw a person having a medical issue you would dial for emergency services and try to help the person.

Yet when you see a person who is trying to make ends meet, do you help? When a person goes to the closest church for help with their rent and they are told that they aren’t a member, so they can’t get help, how do you feel? What about when a person needs warm clothes and they are told that they must prove how they spend every cent that they have, and they do and get told to wait, how do you feel?

When you see a person who needs help with getting their groceries up the stairs, do you help? Do you expect to get something in return? Why? Why is this world one that all the problems are too remote, too far away?

Why do some expect people to jump through every hoop to try to get some of the basics? Why can’t they be willing to understand that there is pain that comes with asking for help? When a person says they are disabled why should they have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt that they are? How many jobs do they have to lose? How many times do they have to be told there are a freak? When will we stop judging people?

Here is my problem, when I have to ask for help and it makes me sick to do so, I hate having to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I hate having to explain the fact that everything I do is to try to make things work the best for my family. I am the person that puts everyone else first, hell my cat gets more than I do, and it is never good enough.

I have short stories on line for sale, I have tried to do the ‘Go Fund Me’ routine and a concrete plant in the town I live in was able to get a ton of money for making it look nicer, but I can’t get any for helping my family. Does this make any sense?


When life gets you down –

When life gets you down there are some basic things that you need to remember – these may sound strange but there is a point to it.

You are still breathing

You still have a pulse

You can still get up and move

Life hasn’t given up on you

So, don’t give up on it.

Why would I say those things? With those things you can make someone smile, you can change the world, you can find the strength to make life better. The choice is if you want to. So many people are so stuck in the material world that they miss the little things.

Look at life in a different way. When people walk in a park, they often miss the forest due to one tree. Look at the forest – see what the gods have given you and then realize there is more to see than the one tree that stands in front of you.

When you go to the beach, take the time to see all that is around you. Sit on the log in front of you. Feel the grains of sand under your feet, hear the water as is ebbs and flows, the sound of the gulls overhead, the crackle of the bon fire and the peace will wash your stresses away.

Life is full of stress. Life is full pain. Learning to look at things in a different way can calm your soul. When you see a person, who has less than you but a smile on their face, understand that they are able to see that they have found a way to be happy with what little they have. They may have found a way to make peace with the fact that things are more of a challenge and taken it on as a challenge.

We all can’t be as rich as Bill Gates, but we can make a difference in a person’s life by having a smile and compassion in our hearts. This will make the world seem lighter, the sunshine seems brighter and being able to help someone else will enrich the feeling.

Conspiracy Theory ….

If you listen to the news as of late you hear a lot conspiracy theories and secret societies. The thing is that if you really listen to who is telling the information you must wonder about what they are hiding. These conclusions are my own and I want you to draw your own from the information that you have access to.

First off you need to understand when a person looks at another person’s point of view and feel that the first person must be right, and they will go to any length to prove the person wrong then they are in the mindset to create information to prove the other person wrong.

The cigarette companies did this, the sugar companies did this, climate change deniers do this. They do it by attacking the person, saying the data is wrong, that there is no proof and that it is a work of fiction. When confronted they will push back even harder. Here is an example – There are 61 different names for sugar according to http://sugarscience.ucsf.edu/hidden-in-plain-sight/#.WnNqyK6nGpo. This is the list of the 56 different names for sugar according to https://www.thecandidadiet.com/56-names-sugar-eating-realize/


Barley malt

Dehydrated cane juice

Golden sugar


Barbados sugar

Demerara sugar

Golden syrup


Beet sugar


Grape sugar


Brown sugar


High fructose corn syrup

Powdered sugar

Buttered syrup

Diastatic malt


Raw sugar

Cane juice


Icing sugar

Refiner’s syrup

Cane sugar

Ethyl maltol

Invert sugar

Rice syrup


Free flowing brown sugars



Corn syrup



Sorghum syrup

Corn syrup solids

Fruit juice



Confectioner’s sugar

Fruit juice concentrate


Sugar (granulated)

Carob syrup


Malt syrup


Castor sugar



Turbinado sugar

Date sugar

Glucose solids

Maple syrup

Yellow sugar


Anyone hungry or thirsty right now? Yet the sugar makers will tell you that there is no proof that sugar is the reason we have a health crisis right now with Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease. http://www.businessinsider.com/sugar-industry-behind-studies-research-2016-12 The sugar companies have said that it is a theory that’s all.

I have heard that it cost too much to eat healthy and that my beliefs are showing that I am part of a conspiracy to make sugar illegal – NOT I just think that eating healthy is better than dumping a ton of unnecessary things in my body.

When people think of ‘secret societies’ they think of the Freemason’s or the Knights Templar or the Illuminati. What most people think of is the dark side of these groups. First off – I am not involved in these groups or any groups of the nature.

The simple fact is that groups like the Freemason’s are a gentlemen’s fraternal organization that hold their people to a higher standard. They want people to find the strength to make themselves better. They have their secrets and it doesn’t take a lot of work to find out what they are but the people in the Freemason’s won’t tell you. They have given their word that they wouldn’t tell the secret.

There are other groups out there that aren’t as well known but guess what – if a group of people get together and talk about something that may be outside the normal they have the right to do so. They aren’t trying to take over the world, they may be trying to find a way to get a different point of view out there that needs to be heard.

When people use the words ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and ‘Secret Society’ it shows that they are trying to hide something. If they are wanting to prove something, then they should talk about a ‘Theory’ that they have about something and then go through and prove it. But they must accept the raw data for what it is. The information that they are using must be able to be verified by others.

The current government is talking a lot about conspiracies and secret societies, but the simple fact is that they are trying to alter the data to where they can prove what they want to fit the stories that they tell. If you are an author of fictional stories that is fine, if you are trying to alter governmental actions that is not going in a good way. We have been there before, and it cost a lot of lives.







Crime Inc … Fast Wealth Generators …

This is my feelings only and a warning to all. I write this so people can see the dangers.

Ever get the email that says someone has a job for you that is perfect? Ever get the email saying that you have won something and to click on the link? What about the ones that say that you have a briefcase waiting at customs from a long-lost family member and to reply?

I get them all the time and I just hit the delete button. The reason is that I got caught in one of the scams one time and had to have family bail me out. For me, I was looking for a job and got an email to work from home. They were going to give me a computer and I would be doing data entry. I was going to be getting $25.00 per hour. I should have seen the danger signs in the email, but I didn’t. The dangers were in the wording. The first one was the fact that I didn’t recognize the email address, the second one was giving me a computer, the third was the $25.00 per hour, and the fourth was the requirement of online banking and a printer.

I ended up getting taken for almost $2,000. I got the feeling that something wasn’t right when they wanted me to deposit a $10,000 check and then take $9,800 out and send it to a person in a different bank for the computer. At that stage I had done 2 $900.00 transactions. Something didn’t feel right, and I called my bank and had them hold the funds until the check cleared – it never cleared. It came back fraudulent. Then I started getting checks in the mail from people that I didn’t know for thousands of dollars and told to email them when I deposited them.


That was the major danger marker for me. I started calling the banks directly and found out that the checks were fraudulent, so I did what they said after the third one showed up. I called the police and explained what was going on. I had made copies of every check that I had gotten on line and through the postal system. The police came over and I gave them the information that I had, and they contacted my bank and told them that I had been caught in a scam. My family members got together and bailed me out of the problem.

I have gotten emails since then with people wanting me to help them with getting funds to others or work from home jobs.

Here is my suggestion to anyone that wants to make money fast. If you are going to work from home then make sure that the job is legitimate, do your research. Talk with others that work at the company, check out the site, ask questions and document everything. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. Even if you are on Unemployment. The reason is that you document everything to protect yourself. Contact your Unemployment person and tell them about the concerns you have, and they can help you check it out.

The best way to get wealth fast is work hard, save your money. Just because Apple has a new iPhone out doesn’t mean you have to have it.

I will fight for …

What would you be willing to fight for? How far would you go to prove a point? What about immigration? What about health care for kids? What about your honor? Your countries honor?

I will fight for the things that important to me. I have for all my life. Things that have meant the most to me get the most energy … but as of late I have found things getting out of control. When I have found something that means a lot to me, I have my own way of understanding and trying to get the point out that things may not be black or white. I see things in a grey shade because not everything is black and white.

When I listen to some of the news that I hear, I hear people saying that the “Dreamer’s” need to be removed, I hear people who say that they should be allowed to stay and gain citizenship, but what I don’t hear are the people who ask the questions that really need to be asked. What do those ‘kids’ do for this country? Again, the grey is being missed on the question. There are the “Dreamer’s” that serve and have died for this country. There are some that have chosen to go the other way, into a life less honorable. Some of these kids felt like there was no other choice.

Then you need to step back and look at the fact that this country was based on a dream of a place that people could be free to believe in a religion in a way that they want. They were willing to go to the extreme for it. That is what they chose to fight for.

To me kids are sacred. Without them there is no future. So, when kids need medical and their parents are part of the 0.01% that can’t afford the best, shouldn’t they still get the best? If their parents are having to make the choices of putting food on the table or taking care of a medical need what is going to happen? The parents are going (or should) to want to make sure that the kids get food and I know that when I had mine, they ate before I did because I wanted to make sure they had enough. So why can’t we get the Children’s Health Insurance Program funded? Does the future not matter to some?

We need to let people know that our feelings and concerns need to be heard as well. The 0.01% aren’t the only ones that matter in the world. Those who have worked hard and fight to make it everyday matter as well.

A Letter to …

This is my personal letter to the Government of the United States and my personal feelings only.

To: Government of the United States.

From: US Army Veteran

I am worried that the United States Government has shut down due to a basic part the of the country. We have been a country of immigrants since the start. Unless you are a Native American Indian 1000% you are part of an immigrants that came here.

We have some things that need to be done and done right away. The simple fact if I ran my house the way that the government is being run I would be homeless. I must make sure that all my bills are paid and the checks that I write are going to clear. If I don’t make sure that the checks, clear and they are large then I go to jail. If I don’t make sure that the rent gets paid, I am homeless.

We have all been through basic math. We know that 1+1=2 and that when you do a basic equation that if you don’t make sure it is done right. So, what is the difference between my house and your job? The numbers are bigger, but the fact is that 1+1=2 no matter what.

We need to have a budget that is being passed that needs to be working on reducing the debt and getting the veterans that have given all and are willing to give all even if they had to now. We need to have a budget that works on making sure that the medical needs are met of everyone. We need to work on getting the country back on what is really going on.


If the President can’t make a deal, then we need to make sure that the information he gets shows all sides of the issue and has real information. When you take information to him have all the information and all the sources together. If he says that he will sign the deal – hand him a pen!

We are losing our creditability in the world and we need to work on the way that we are seen. We need to get out of playing politics and get to the job done.

The oath that I took when I joined the military was to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. This government is making me wonder if some member are enemies and need to be dealt with.

Stop fighting and get to work.

Confused … Go Fund Me … Updates at Bottom

This is going to sound strange but there is a reason that I titled it the way I did. Go Fund Me is a site that you can set up a way to get help for things that you need. People have used it to help people with cancer, people who must deal with major life changing events can set them up as well.

I have one going and I will put the link at the bottom of this page, but this isn’t the main reason for the post.

There is a concrete plant in Kenmore that is running one as well. It is called CalPortland. They have a huge banner with all the companies that are helping them. The reason that they are running it is to help make the sight look nicer. They titled it ‘Lets Beautify This!’ According to the site they are trying to get enough money to put original art work on three 80 foot silos at the CalPortland concrete site.

Now I can understand that the City of Kenmore wants to make the city look nicer but at the same time I run into a problem with it. Why are they worried about putting art work on the silos when there are those who have trouble with the most basic things.

Now one thing that they have going for them is the fact that they are on Facebook. I got off Facebook due to the amount of drama that it was causing in my life. I made the choice due to the simple fact that I wanted to be focused on other things. My family is more important than the drama (hence no cable TV).

I have tried to get local people to realize that this isn’t happening to just me. There are others out there that are trying to use the site ‘GoFundMe’ for legit reasons and they don’t get the attention that they should because people who do go to the site, see people who are using it for a scam.

I have tried contacting the local new stations to get message out that we need to be helping those who are in need more than the ones that are only trying to do things that are not essential. While art work to make, a city look nicer is a good thing, the people who have to worry about paying the bills should be where the city/town should be working to resolve.

When a person is a service veteran and has had, trouble getting and keeping a job due to personal ‘challenges’ they shouldn’t have to be on the street to get some people say they need help. The community should be willing to work together to get things taken care of for them. The thing is that people don’t talk as much as they should. My neighbors don’t talk to me unless they want something because I try to help those that need it.

I have mentioned before that some of the kids in the complex where I live won’t help a person carry food from the store up to their apartment’s without expecting something in return. We need to get back to helping each other and look outside our own doors to see who needs it.


I still have the Go Fund Me going. I have put information on Twitter about it and I have been updating it and it seems that no one wants to help. Things have gotten so bad that my in-laws are paying my rent and the campaign the Kenmore Concrete company did got over $10,000.00 to make their silos look nicer. 

My family isn’t surviving. I have been updating it and I have stuff on several that I have written in the form of semi-short stories on several sites. No one will pay for them. I was trying to get funds to it by using the go fund me as a donation site and nothing. I have a paypal.me link that is st up under the donations tab and still nothing.

My SSDI hearing is coming up soon and there is nothing more that I can think of doing. 




One of my favorite memories

This is Blake Island in Washington State and it has some of my favorite memories in my childhood. My parents used to take me on their boat to this Island. The Indian dances were amazing to see, the place was so cool.

We got to go for walks in the woods and the place was wonderful.

If you are ever in the Seattle area, take the special ferry to Blake Island and enjoy the beauty that Blake Island has.

Get a reality check on the …

This is going to have some challenging topics … I don’t want to offend just educate people.

When you listen to the recent statement that the current President has said you begin to understand that he is a total ‘technically challenged’ person mentally. This is something that is going to get worse before it gets better if he stays in the office.

Skin Color: The color of you skin doesn’t show the type of person you are. The fact that the skin color shows how close to the equator area of the planet that you family came from. The fact that people make a big deal over the color of a person’s skin shows that they have no clue to the real world.

Those who have lighter skin have come from colder climates and need the lighter skin to get more Vitamin D in their skin. This is done through sun light. So here is the thing every person on this planet has very close DNA … there is no difference in a person between one from the African Continent and the European Continent.

We have been here before – WWII and the American Civil War. We don’t need to hear the racist comments coming out of the White House.

Religious Beliefs: Whether you believe in the Christian God, Islamic Prophet, or the Polytheistic ways then you have been given the ability to make the choice. When people have been told that their beliefs are wrong they lose the ability to make the choice anymore. Religious beliefs have been around for far longer than most nations have had the ability to write. The earliest forms of ‘religious beliefs’ were those that understood nature and that nature was the reason that they were alive.

We have been here before – The Jewish Holocaust during WWII, the Christians that were forced to make sacrifices to the Roman Gods or they would be put to death.

Locations of Birth: Being born in the United States or in Mexico or Europe, people are all the same. People all want to have the best life that they can. This is how it has been for all the times that people have been on this planet. The people that lived in caves learned to harness fire to keep their kids and themselves warm. We have learned to use the internet to get information.

There is nothing we can’t do if we work together. We can make this country one that we are proud of again. We need to work together and get the message that we can learn from the past, but we need to get the message out that we aren’t like the current President of this country.

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