Why are politics so strange?

When we look at the way the politics work in the United States it seems almost backwards at times. The reason that this is an interesting topic is if you look at how other countries are working they seem to be running smoother. I don’t know all details of how each country is directly, but the simple fact is that there are some key issues that seem to be way out of proportion for the United States compared to others. I am going to use Canada and Germany as two examples since I have been in both.

Heath care: In Canada the health care system is one that is a group of socialized heath insurance plans that provides health care to all Canadian citizens. {1} The fact that it is run on a territorial basis means that each of the major areas handle the health care for the people that live there. But they must all follow the government guidelines. That means everyone gets health care regardless of medical history, personal income or standard of living.

In Germany there is a dual system containing a compulsory insurance and a private insurance. Most people are on the compulsory one that is a concept of a welfare state. Everyone pays in to the system and the more that you make means the more you will pay. Those who have little or no income have a chance to be insured for a smaller amount. {2}

In the United States, President Obama tried and managed to make the Affordable Care Act a law. This is one of the things that we all should have. This was to try to make sure that everyone has health care. Since then people have tried and tried to get rid of it. My question is why?

Weapons Violence: Straight up I am not pro weapon or anti weapon – I am a Veteran of the US Army. This is for facts only! Why do we have so many mass shootings in this country? Why is it that anytime someone wants to protect people they are instantly targeted as a person who wants to ‘Repeal the 2nd Amendment’. That is a major problem we have.

In Canada between the years of 2009 and 2013 there were 977 weapon homicides. {3} Compare that with the United States for the same period between 2009 and 2013 there were 56,000. Wait a second! Is that right? Let me see if I can find some more stats – This graph is from 2015 {4}





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Some of my favorite sayings … (Giggling allowed)

These are some of my favorite sayings. Often, they seem strange, but they will make you smile I hope.

When life gets going a bit strange I try to take a step back and look at it with a sense of strange humor.

There are times that things seem serious as a heart attack but when I step back and take a breath maybe it was just a body burp (gas) and isn’t that important. {In the world we live in where everything is so serious, sometimes what we think is serious is just a body burp, a hiccup in the normal day}

When you need advice, but you already know the answer: Remember to ‘Know yourself’ and the answer will be there waiting for you. {When the world is full of social media and everyone is giving you different input on what you should do – look inside and you will find what you need.}

When things get going a bit too crazy, I remind myself of this one. ‘It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. Thoughts acquire speed. The speed becomes sustained. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.’ {This one helps me focus my thoughts when they are racing, and I must slow down. It is a variation of the one from the original Dune movie}

Life is a series of test.

When life throws you a curve …

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? How do you handle the little strange things that life likes to throw at all of us? I want everyone to remember that the most important person is you. While you may feel that the co-worker or friend that wants something is important if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t have the strength to be the friend that you want to be.

A lot of what we do is in the way we were raised. There are some that feel the world owes them everything and when they don’t get what they want they blame others instead of realizing that they may have to work for it. There are those that choose to try to make life a living hell for the people that they feel wronged them.

For those who got raised like I did, trying to make sure everyone is happy no matter what it cost. I had been raised to where I was to put others first and worry about my self last. The problem is that the more I tried to live that way the more I ended up having to deal with others crud. People didn’t understand that there was more pain and challenges in my life than they knew or cared to know.

So, when life throws you a curve ball, your first reaction is the one that you were taught and that might not always be the best way to handle things. Here are a few things that might help with things.

First off remember that not everything is a crisis that must be handled instantly. The family member that is wanting the latest game system, make sure that they have earned it. If it is a teenager have them help and earn it, tell them that they can wait for their birthday or the holidays. Telling a teenager ‘NO’ doesn’t mean that they are going to blow up, it is setting boundaries.

If it is a co-worker that wants you to cover so they can go to a movie with their other half, telling them no won’t mean that you are being mean – again it is setting boundaries.

Second off make sure that it is going to help you as well as the other person. If the person has a problem with buying alcohol or drugs and they are asking for money – helping them would be buying some food for them and talking about why you won’t give them the money. They will try everything under the sun to make you feel guilty for not giving them the money – stand your ground. That may sound easy but trust me it isn’t. I have lost more friends by not giving in to someone else’s bad habits.

Remember you must be able to justify with yourself that what you are doing is the right thing. I have been told that I have a heart of gold but what people don’t realize is there is a soul of steel under it. When people push me too far, they find out the hard way that I will push back, and they will lose someone that has been willing to do more than most will.

In the end you must remember that taking care of yourself is the most important thing first.

The Voices of …

Do you hear them? Do you understand what is being said? Are you listening?

The voices that I speak of are the ones of the past. Those that have come before. Those that lived lives of horror, of terror, of fear. They may no longer be alive, but their voices can still be heard. Whispers on wind, lessons that need to be learned. When you look back through time you can see that it has happened more than once, so why can’t we learn from it.

There are the children that we need to look at first. From the times of the ancient world, the children were the ones that were being groomed for the future. Whether it was the Spartan Agoge, to the training for the Pharaoh, to the religious leaders of the world, the children were the future and they still are.

The children were also the main threat to those who wanted to control the people and the population. Looking back through history, through the sands of time you can see the children were the ones that were often targeted for the first persecutions. Back through the sands of time, Ancient Egypt did it when the people of the Jewish religion were getting to be more than the Pharaoh felt safe around, The Romans when they would conquer new lands, when the America’s were using slaves, the Germans during WWII, The American Civil war the patterns are there.

Walls don’t keep people out, that has been tried in the past. Listen to the voices on the wind. Those of the ones that have come before. The walls of the camps that destroyed so many lives, less than a century ago. Those both here and abroad. Walls were used both physically and mentally many times. They never worked. Walls were used in Roman cities to keep the ‘civilized world’ safe from the barbarians on the other side. Walls were used to keep the ‘Christian towns’ safe from the Viking warriors.

Trenches are a form of wall. They were used in combat during the WWI, millions died. Trenches were used to keep the Romanian towns of old safe. They like walls were not effective.

The camps in WWII in Germany, the camps in America that were used to keep the Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the modern prisons, all have walls and are camps to separate those that are different than us.

Now we have the current President doing the same thing. Wanting to put walls up at our borders. Kids in camps to be taken away from their parents. Treating people as less than others. Trying to isolate the country from the others. Treating the world as if they are less than us.

We need to act. We need to wake up and see the truth. Hear the voices of the past and hear the truth.

The time has come to speak out.



The Ultimate Headache … {Not what you think}

When you think of the ultimate headache, most people would think of a massive migraine, but this is a slightly different story. These are some stories that might make you think twice about the headache you have.


Zeus was said to have had one of the worst headaches that could be had. The story of the birth of Athena is the reason why. The story goes that Zeus had been told that his first wife, Metis, next child may overthrow him, so he did the same thing that his father did. He swallowed his first wife. She was pregnant with Athena. When it was time for her to be born, Zeus started to have a massive headache. It was so bad that Zeus asked Hephaestus to strike him with his axe – when he did out came Athena in full armor. {1}



1} https://www.greekmythology.com/Olympians/Athena/athena.html

Don’t Ever Make the God’s Mad!

This is one of those that people may wonder why I felt it was necessary to do. There is a method to the madness on this.

Pandora’s Box:

We have all heard the comment that this is like Pandora’s Box. Do you know why that saying is so important today? The legend of Pandora is one that shows how the gods can be vengeful at the same time as giving hope. When Pandora was created it was by Hephaestus and Athena following Zeus instructions. {1} Zeus wanted to punish Prometheus for stealing fire and giving it to humans. Other gods helped with the creation of Pandora.

However, the natural gifts weren’t the problem for humanity. Pandora was given a box {or jar depending on the version} that held numerous evils, diseases and other pains in it. It also held hope inside. She was given to Epimetheus, Prometheus’s brother who accepted her despite his brother’s warnings. One out of curiosity, Pandora opened the lid and released the evils into the world. She closed it instantly when she realized what she had done. Now according to some versions of the legend she then reopened the box and let hope {the one thing that was still in the box} out.

Medusa the Gorgon:

Ever wonder what happened to cause Medusa to look the way she does? A stare that will supposeably turn a man to stone. Snakes for hair. Who could she have gotten so mad at her to do that? Here is some information for you.

Medusa at one time was a beautiful mortal woman until she got the Goddess Athena mad {to say the least} at her. The reason why is Poseidon. When Medusa had been a mortal woman she had been a priestess to Athena. Since she was a priestess to Athena Medusa couldn’t marry any of the many male suitors that she had. The reason was that she was to stay a virgin so Medusa’s energies along with all the other priestess could pour their energy into serving the goddess. {2} Many of human suitors were content to admire Medusa’s beauty from a distance but Poseidon was different.

Being the God of the Sea, Poseidon chose to not honor the fact that Medusa had taken a vow of chastity to serve Athena and he raped her. {Not cool}. Now that she has gone through that, she can no longer serve Athena and she isn’t eligible to accept any of her suitors.

That would be bad enough except Athena was mad! When Athena found out what had happened she cursed Medusa. The myths vary but they all describe it as being very painful. Tearing at her own flesh while she changed. Her hair went from once smooth and silky turned into poisonous snakes. To top it off, anyone who gazed at her was turned to stone forever.

Who is Hades?

Most people don’t really know anything about Hades, so I thought I would bring him into the conversation. Hades is actually one of first Greek heroes. Wait a second – Hades is a hero? You heard me right. Hades was the oldest male child of Cronus and Rhea (Titans). Hades with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon were able to defeat the Titans and claim rulership over the cosmos. They agreed to split their rule. Zeus became the god of the skies, Poseidon became the god of the seas and Hades became the god of the Underworld. {3} He was married to Persephone, who was the daughter of Demeter. He did it through deception.

Hades abducted Persephone to the underworld and gave her the forbidden fruit pomegranate to eat. That forced her to stay in the underworld for one third of each year. He has a three headed dog called Cerberus who guards his realm and the ferryman Charon is the one that a person must pay to get across the River Styx to get to where they can be judged by the three judges on where they go.



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3} https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net/gods/hades/

We Are Going…

When a child age 4 is taking by the state at the border from their parents, we have a big fucking problem! You will have to forgive my language but I am NOT going to be SILENT about this.

I, and many of the people who I talk to on Twitter are former Military and we have been hearing what the Trumpites are saying and I am more than mildly sick of the BS that they spew.

This country was and is a country of Immigrants. To have a person who is so racist to say that all people of a nationality are ‘bad’ people need to go to Jail.

Racism has no place in the government. Racism has no place in law. If you want to see what the damage is of that type of hate and racist thinking, walk through the camps of Germany, Poland, and then talk to the survivors of them.

Look at the fear when you mention the camps, look at the pictures of those who didn’t make it out of the camps, feel their pain.

Thatis what the Trumpites are doing. 😠😡 Putting kids in cells, taking them from their parents. Why??? Their parents want a better life for their kids!

Trump and his Trumpites have gone too far! The camps MUST STOP! The KIDS need the USA to protect them from The Trumpites and the haters.

Laughing at the World

With the world being as strange and hard to understand there are times that laughing at the world and some of the things that are going on is the only way to stay sane. Some of the people that are on Saturday Night Live are so perfect for the roles that they play.

If you ever watch YouTube – some of the things that Rachel Maddow finds are fun to make people laugh. She will bring in things like Saturday Night Live skits on some of the broadcasts. The link below is the one to the show she did about when Trump wanting to put his personal Dr as the head of the VA. The reason that I put the pictures below is to show how they have fun with everything.

{SNL} vs

{Dr. Jackson}

(Can you tell who is whom?) If you ever need a laugh watch some of the skits that Saturday Night Live has done. They have been doing this for years and several of the people who started in SNL have had great jobs in the Entertainment industry.

Some of the people that have been on SNL are Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Robert Downey Jr. and Will Ferrell. They have been on the air since October of 1975

{Steve Martin on left}

{Adam Sandler}

With all the stress that is on the world right now laughing is one of the best medicines. Whether you like the current Administration or not, laughing at some of the stuff they do is funny as ever for those of us who need to understand and have some fun. The stress can make you sick, so laughter is the best medicine.


Suggested Fun:








Happy Father’s Day❤❤❤

My Dad and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on many things but I still love him. I went in the opposite way that was what he wanted but I know that throughout the challenges we had, he has made me stronger and tougher than I would have been.

We may not always like the rules but our family is the special unit that will help us grow. Culture and behavior comes from the way we are raised.

While I work on my relationship with my father, I stop and look back at the times when I didn’t know what to do. He was always there, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, saying to look at all the ways and see what is at the end of the road.

To all the families who want the best for your kids, remember what your Father’s did for you when times got tough.

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