Sharks … Danger or Needed?


What if you were swimming and you saw a large dorsal fin in the water, not far from you. What would you do? Would you swim like crazy trying to get away? Splashing and creating noise? Would you turn to where they had lost the surprise? How would you react? Would you want the beaches closed? Would you want them destroyed?

Here are some facts that you might not have realized about the animal under the dorsal fin.

Sharks have been on the planet for 450 million years. They have survived all five of the mass extinctions that have happened in the world. {1}

Most of the shark skeletons are made from cartilage, the same stuff that is your nose tip is made from. Their teeth have an enamel outer edge to fossilize well. Their teeth also have nerves that can tell if something in the water is food or not. They don’t have hands so they ‘test’ with their teeth.

When we say sharks, most people think of the Great White Shark. The movie ‘Jaws’ helped make the Great White something of terror. But what do we know about the Great White and the other sharks in the Lamniformes order to feel that we need to fear them.

First off, we need to know what sharks are the lamniformes? They are also known as Mackerel Sharks. They are the most well-known groups. They have the Great White, Basking, Mako (both short and long fin), and the megamouth. Other members include the Goblin and Thresher sharks. The now extinct Megalodon was also part of this wonderful group. {2}

Sharks of this class have 2 dorsal fins without spines on them. They also have an anal fin and five gill slits. They have to roll back their eyes when attacking due to the fact that there is no nictitating membrane to protect them. Aside from the Basking and Megamouth sharks they all have large teeth to remove large chunks of preys flesh off. The Basking and the Megamouth eat plankton and use bristle-like structures to sieve them out. They can only live in salt water and can’t handle the freshwater rivers or lakes


The other amazing fact is a special adaptation that these animals have. Their circulatory system allows them to retain the heat their body makes.

When people go swimming or diving with sharks it gives them a chance to see these beautiful creatures in the wild however there are some things to remember to stay safe. The most important thing is these are the Apex predators in the water. We are visitors nothing more. When we go in the water, we need to be respectful ‘guest’ of the water. This means going in quietly, make sure you understand the sharks that you are diving with, if you are going in murky water, remember it will affect not only your vision but the sharks as well. Have a dive buddy and a plan of what to do in any given situation. If the sharks come close to investigate, don’t threaten it. (cornering it, chasing it, or reach out to touch it) these are wild animals and they will defend themselves. While it is not smart to stare at a shark, watching it with the corner of your eye is advised but always know where the sharks are. make sure that the shark has left by watching where it had gone for a several minutes.

Try to be part of the environment and be still, it is ideal to be near the bottom or on the bottom. Rapid movements will startle the sharks and they may feel that they need to do a defensive attack to protect themselves. there are others that you should want to do before jumping in the water with the beauties of the sea. {3}



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Who is afraid of the past?

The deniers, people who believe in ‘Fake News’ and those who would rather have hate in their lives. These are the people who fee that one skin color is better than another, these are the ones that feel that climate change isn’t real, these are the ones that don’t want to remember the past.

If we look at the past we can see problems that have happened with people who thought this way. Let’s go back to 1939. France and England were allies of Poland who had been invaded two days before under false pretenses by Hitler and his troops. It was on this day in 1939 that France and England declared war on Germany in accordance with the treaty that they had signed. It was signed on 25 August 1939. The problem was that no one in Germany took it seriously. {1}

There had been plenty of warning that the people could have seen that would have given warning that Germany was headed in a dangerous time. When it became illegal to be of any party other that the National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) or the NSDAP. That should have been a major warning that there were problems coming. I choose to not use the common name due to the fact that I don’t like what it stands for, and this is to educate people.

In August 1944 after being in hiding for 25 months Anne Frank and the seven others that had been hiding were found by the German Secret Police when an anonymous tipster gave them up. In September of 1944 the group was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination and concentration camp complex in German occupied Poland. Anne and Margot Frank were spared the gas chambers and sent to Bergen-Belsen where they died of typhus in March of 1945. {2}

When you come forward in time and look at things that are happening you can see where the danger signs are at. We have a person who has a problem with telling the truth. President Trump is saying what everyone wants to hear and not following through with what he says then there is a problem. It was the same thing in the 1930’s in Germany.

If you look at what he has said and do a compare and contrast to what was done in the 1930’s you will there are a lot of similarities. Whether it is saying that the Treaty of Versailles was a stab in the back or that Mexico is sending all the gang members and other bad people to the United States, it is discrimination plain and simple. When you look at the statements that were said after the trouble in Charlottesville and the statements that were made at the Rallies in the 1930’s you can see the similarities.

When you look at, who runs some of the most vital positions in the country you see people who have no or little experience in the government and how to work things out. The people who have tried to deny climate change are in offices where they can make regulations that will end up making us sicker by dumping more poison into the air and waters.

We have a chance to make a difference. Standing up and having your voice heard is vital now.

The plan is simple: call, email, send snail mail letters to your congress people. We are given the right to peacefully assemble and protest the government. So as long as we are peaceful when we do things like protest and assemble then we can get our voices heard.

Resending this post to those who choose to need a reminder of what can happen may change their mind.

Start a conversation with others.







Here we Go Again …

This may sound like a strange title but it is a lot of fun, I promise. As many people know that I am on Twitter and I have a lot of fun picking on people who I don’t politically agree with.

But there is another side of me, the side that has to say that there are some people that are real humans on there as well. When I go through who is currently following me, I find that there are some rather interesting people and I end up in some rather fun conversations.

Most of the people that follow me have something in common with me such as the military or the dislike of a person or a situation but there are some people that I am surprised that they are on the list. I went through it yesterday and found that Hugh Jackman was on there, Steven Segal was on there, Mark Walberg and Floyd Mayweather were all on the list.

I have had a chance to chat with a few of them and Mr. Jackman and Mr. Walberg seem to be the most human. I have had conversations with both and they seem to ask questions that are from the heart and show that they are real people. I have had a chance to talk with Mr. Mayweather and while he seems like a nice person the first time we were talking he seemed to be more interested in promoting his fight.

When you read the brief bio that I have on Twitter, it says that I am disabled. More than a few people will actually think that being that way is a choice but trust me it isn’t. We don’t like having to go to the doctor all the time and not be able to work.

I have always enjoyed using my mind and the stories that I have out there are fun to write and do. The thing is that I have the fun of being visually challenged (cover one eye and try typing. I don’t have to cover the eye) and having other things going on as well.

All the writing that I do is to show that there are other ways than hate to make life work. We can work together and make life better. When I spoke with Mr. Walberg, he asked what my occupation was and I told him that I was a disabled Army Veteran, free writer and blogger, he was willing to let me (with his permission) use his name in this post. For that I thank you.

Real News vs Fake News … who to trust?

How do you tell the real news from the fake news? Who can you trust to tell you the truth? What is the best way to know for sure if what you are hearing is the truth or some form of propaganda?

This is a game of find the truth. When you listen to the news you need to take heed of some basic information. The first one what channel are you watching. If you want to make sure that you are getting all the information, you may want to check to see if the story is the same on several different channels. The other one that you may want to do is look outside the US for some of the information. When you go to sites like the BBC you are watching and reading what the British news is saying.

The second thing is how much sense does it make? If when you are reading an article and the thought is a ‘WTF?’ moment then you may want to research the information before accepting it. There are some places that you definitely want to double check the information that you have before accepting it. Facebook is not the best place for news.

Now I know a lot of people get information on Facebook about how their friends are doing but there is a problem when channels that claim to be news channels are putting their information on Facebook only then you need to check what they are saying. Facebook is a good place for propaganda, half-truths, and straight out lies. This has been proven more than once.

Now some news channels go pro-republican and some go pro-democrat so the best suggestion is to cross reference information. When I listen to the news on the computer, I will take notes and then do research on it to make sure that I know the entire information.

A perfect example is when Mr. Trump was running for the President he said that the reason that his family had come over from Germany was to make America better. The fact is that his Grandfather was thrown out of Germany due to the fact that he wouldn’t do conscript military service in the German Army. When he tried to go back the Kaiser of Germany said no.

(President Trumps grandparents) The letter above is the letter that was sent back to him.

So, we must worry about the fact that there seems to be a problem with Mr. Trump telling the truth. This is a bigger problem than we may realize with him not being able to tell the truth. We have as a world been in the situation before and it caused some serious problems for us. During the 1920’s and 1930’s people in Germany and parts of the United States were repeatedly told that people of the Jewish religion were less than human and in many cases referred to as a cancer on humanity. This was the propaganda that destroyed so many lives in the camps.
What a lot of people don’t realize is that more than people of the Jewish religion were sent here. There were people who had opposed the German Government beliefs, polish educated, Russian POW’s were all sent to these camps. The people at the time were told that they were being used as labor when they were being destroyed.

When you have a leader, who is trying to run a form of state propaganda and make one group out to be the root of all evil, we need to stand up and say no to the person. When the person is constantly saying the news organizations that is telling all the facts are ‘fake news’ then we know there is a problem with the way the person thinks.

When a person or a Government has too much power then we need to work to make sure that they are willing to work for us. We need to be working as a group or the trouble will get worse.

The fun of Twitter …


When you go on Twitter it is usually to chat with someone, or get the latest news, or some of the latest gossip on what is going on with people pulling strange things. Other times you find someone who seems to understand what you are going through, or what you have been through.

I found a person who is a former veteran like myself and they have similar views of my husband and myself. Their handle is ‘USAF Liberal Vet’. we are both veterans, myself Army, he is a combat veteran with the Air Force. The wonderful thing is that when I was putting some pictures of Tuvalu on Twitter, he was doing comments and wanting to know more about them. he has been willing to read some of the post that I have done on this blog site and comments back to me.

When I use the word ‘1d10t’ on Twitter, or ask permission to ‘court martial’ someone that is being special on the news, I know that I am going to make one person laugh due to the understanding of what I am talking about. We both have the same feelings on the current president of the United States. Some of our conversations have been: about how we feel about the current way things are going or what needs to happen with the planet or other things.

If you are on Twitter, check his post out – you might find that you agree with him.

USAF Liberal Vet



Permission to … Drill Sergeant?

This will show that the US Army is never quite done with anyone. For me asking permission to do things is something that I have never quite gotten rid of. we get used to doing within the first few days of basic training. This is one time that I had to leave what I want to do a blank because there is more than one thing that I want to do.

First off, I want to make sure that people understand that these are my personal feelings on things. The first one is that I would want to make sure that the people who need help, get it. people with disabilities aren’t that way because they want to be that way, it is life’s toss of the dice. When a person goes to get medical treatment, people shouldn’t be treated like they don’t know what is going on. People need to understand that there some people who have medical training and understanding. The doctors need to understand that people aren’t test subjects that can be used in any way that the doctors want. Permission to tell the doctors where to go Drill Sergeant?

The people who don’t think that climate change is real, need to look at places like Tuvalu. We need to stop using the fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow. We need to start doing things like carpooling or riding public transportation or walking when possible. If we could get people to do the carpool routine there would be less damage on the cars, there would be less cars on the road, the air would be cleaner and we could start undoing a tiny bit of the tons of damage that we have done. Permission to force carpooling to protect the planet Drill Sergeant?

If we could get people to eat more real foods and less junk foods our health cost would go down. When I say, ‘real food’ I mean homemade foods that are low in fat, use natural things instead of salts and sugars, and take the time to cook. There is a creation out there called a crock pot that is wonderful to use. You can put food in it and slow cook it for 8 hours and the food comes out wonderful. I make everything from soups to chicken meals to spaghetti sauces in it and the nice thing is that you have more than one meal done. You can make three or four meals and put them in the fridge.

When you make real foods in the end your body begins to heal and you feel better. You get to make the food the way you want to have it, if you want it to be a bit on the spicy side, you can make it that way and you can have the pride of making a good meal that taste good. Permission to have people learn what real meals are Drill Sergeant?

I see repeatedly, kids that are eating things like chips and candy and they are having weight problems. This could be so easily cured if they were eating the right foods and exercising. Some of the kids are doing the second part and exercising but they aren’t being supervised. The parents are letting them run without making sure that they are safe. The kids are the future of this world and we need to make sure that they are healthy and strong.

A Country in Need … Tuvalu

What if I told you that there is a country that is suffering from CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL WARMING faster and more dangerously than we could imagine. The island is TUVALU in the Pacific Ocean.

The fact is that with the warmer climate driving the sea levels up, the low-lying island countries are having to face a very uncertain future. Some could disappear completely if we aren’t careful. Some of these nations are having a major problem and one is Tuvalu. They sit 600 miles north of Fiji and is about on average 6 feet above sea level with its highest point being 15 feet above sea level.

They have been one of the most vocal about climate change and the sea level rising. As an entire nation Tuvalu has as of 2012 a max greenhouse gas emissions of 5.24 with the minimum of 2.27. (



As you can see this island is beautiful but we are destroying it. While the coral may be beach building on one side of the island, if a ‘King Tide’ comes in, people on this island have nowhere to go. The King Tide is the highest high tide of the year in the pacific. (

We are doing this. When you drive to work by yourself in the car, day after day, week after week, all the emissions from the vehicles do this. The damage that gets done is they can’t grow traditional foods due to the sea water, they have to keep everything off the floor (fridge too) or it will be destroyed.

How can we stop this?

Carpool, ride the local transit system to work, walk to the store if in distance. Pay attention to what you are doing. If you have extra lights on in your house, turn them off. Contact people in your city council, state legislators, or Federal government and ask, beg and have your voice be heard that you want clean energy.

The more we push we can slow the waters down, we can help people in Tuvalu not lose their homes. We can help with reversing the damage that we have done.