Class Warfare … 101 … American Style

This is my personal feelings only.

The fact that there is a class warfare going on in the United States and people may not see it. For whatever reason, they are blind to it. Some say it doesn’t exist, some say that people need to work harder, others choose to have their head in the sand.

When you look at who has the majority of the funds in the United States is 1% or less. We must work harder to make things balanced for the Country. Those of us that have challenges suffer the most because we are not able to work.

When people need help with getting food and they are told that their gross income is $20 too much. When people need to have an extra bedroom due to a person has a hospital bed and they are told that the person will need to sleep in the living room because they don’t have ‘just cause’ for a second bedroom. When a person served in the US Military but isn’t told all the facts about the locations that they served and then when they find out the truth the Government fights to not pay them the funds to get the proper treatment.

When people who are trying to get assistance because they can’t work, and they need to get help. They are forced to wait and suffer. The fact that the people are wanting to have a better life and at the same time they are told that they don’t deserve things because they aren’t working. They can’t work and are treated like a second-class person instead.

If a person is of a different color or different religious belief, they should not be treated any different and at the same time they are. It has happened before and will continue again. We have seen people who are of darker skin, getting beaten, killed and told that they are sub-human.

We have had people of different religion that are attacked, and they suffer with the pain and stigmatism for their beliefs. They are treated with disrespect and they are told to go home when they are born and raised in the US.


Handmade or Store bought … What is better?

If you had the time and had to make a choice between going to the store to get a gift and making something at home, which would you do and why? Would it matter to you if the person would rather have something made by hand or would you feel the need to spend money and get the gift from the store?

I am one of those strange people that I love to make things at home. I would rather spend my time making something with my hands and have the knowledge that the same thing can’t be gotten in a store. The fun of knowing that a person has specific colors that they love and making a scarf out of yarn in that specific color set shows that I took the time to find the correct yarns and took the time to make it feels good to me.

With as active and busy that the world is today, I can understand that things get a bit crazy but often to make things is relaxing. If you go to the store, you have to deal with all the people and other things to find a gift and then it might not be the thing that they want.

Why have homemade items become so ‘cheep’ to give when it takes a lot of time and love to make something? When I make things by hand I know that the people who get the items are getting something that is special and unique.

When I tell people that I know about my hobbies, I get some strange looks. What they don’t understand is that I find it very relaxing to play with my yarn.

Dia de Los Muertos … Anyone know and Celebrate?

Dia de Los Muertos? Does anyone know what it is and why it is important to remember to celebrate it? Does anyone even care that other cultures have different customs than ours? Why should we understand the other cultures that other countries have and how it can affect us?

In the United States we celebrate Halloween. It is mostly for the kids but if you look at the history you might find it is slightly different than what you think. First off it was called ‘All Saints Eve’ due to the fact that it was done on the day before ‘All Saints Day’. The original reason for the day of ‘All Saints Day’ and that was for the Christian beliefs to celebrate the Saints of the Catholic Church. The reason that it is done on November 1st is to show that the day is Special. The night before called ‘All Saints Eve’ was a time of celebration that fell close to the Celtic festival. People would light Bon Fires and wear costumes to ward off the roaming ghost.


Now what is the difference between ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ and Halloween? Dia de Los Muertos is a holiday to where the dead are celebrated. People will celebrate the lives of the Dead with festivals, drinks, parties and parades. The People of Latin America feel that the dead would be insulted by the sadness and the mourning, so they celebrate the lives and the cycle of life.


People will wear costumes usually of skeletons and skulls. They will often be seen in fancy dress or the traditional Aztec dress. They will be found in entertaining situations. The will have parties, dancing and celebrate the lives.

How would your heart balance …

If you had to stand before the scales of truth and have your heart weighed against the feather of Ma’at how would it balance? The reason that I ask is the fact that there are a lot of people who seem to have not found the balance that they need.

It seems to me and this is my personal feelings along with the beliefs that I have that the balance is not in people’s life. When you must face Anubis at the weighing of the heart, it must balance with a feather of Ma’at or you don’t pass into the afterworld. If there is no balance, then your soul gets eaten by . This is Ammit, the ‘Eater of souls.’

With the way that people look at the world today it seems to be that the material world is more important than the eternal soul. When you look at the world around you today it seems that people are more interested in the latest iPhone or the newest car and they don’t see that things may go on past it. You can’t take it with you. If you treat people poorly now, how is it going to affect you in the next? Could you handle knowing that you may have to live life again knowing that you are on a cycle until you learn the lessons that the Fates have for you.

How would you justify not helping others? How could you go through being the person scorned because your skin is a different color, or your beliefs are different?

The world isn’t black and White, pure good or pure evil, and if the balance isn’t there then you are going to run into trouble.

We need to get back to balance both in our home lives and our work lives. We need to have the respect for the planet and understand that we need to have respect for our fellow people.

Megalodon … Truth or Fiction

Could something like Megalodon still exist in our oceans? With all the changes that are going on in the oceans could they be hiding? Where would they be hiding, why would we have to worry if they do exist?

First off – this is theory only – what I can show through proof I will.

There are some species that we have recently found that we thought were extinct. They are referred to as a Lazarus Taxon. A Lazarus Taxon that has been proven is the Coelacanth. They were thought to have gone extinct 65 Million years ago and then were found in 1938 by a South African museum curator on a local fishing trawler. ( Some of the other recently found creatures are the Pygmy Right Whale, and the Colossal Squid.

So here is my question to you – when we have explored so little of the oceans why couldn’t something that large be hidden in the deepest parts of the ocean?

Now I know most people are thinking that it doesn’t make sense but please hear me out. There are several different cultures that believe that the oceans are ruled over by a family or single larger than normal shark.

If you look at the legend of ‘El Diablo Negro’ or ‘The Black Demon’ that is said to live in the Baja California area and it has been known to attack Fishing boats, there. If you go to the Polynesian Cultures, they have the stories of a family of 75-foot sharks that rule the ocean.

The fact is that the deepest parts of the oceans hide many things and there must be a reason that the legends exist. Most legends are based on a grain of truth. The legends are the way that people used to explain things that they didn’t understand.

Now if we look at facts only then we are going to say that there is no way that something that size could stay hidden, but according to the different sites that I went to the youngest one was found to be about 3 million years old.

While discovery channel has done two shows on Megalodon – there is no proof. But it is fun to think about.

Get Trump Out of 1600 Penn Ave!

With everything is going on, we need to get Trump out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave now! The reason is that he is going to put us in a major war real fast. When you look at the history of what he has done and then where he is going mentally I worry.

The fact that Trump has no military training. He went to a Military academy not by choice but because his father couldn’t keep him under control as a kid. He has been known to lie repeatedly. The statement that his family came to the United States to make a better life is not true. The fact is that his Grandfather didn’t want to do forced conscription military service, so they were forced to leave the country. When they tried to go back the king of Bavaria said no!

The fact is that there have been several times that he has been caught in lies and then lied to get his story straight. The fact that he has been caught saying that he could kill someone and get away with it. The speeches that he gives about making America Great again but the fact is that walls don’t work! Hate doesn’t work! Deportation of people doesn’t work! It makes people angry.

There was a riot in South Carolina due to the people who want to have a ‘white America’ and those who wanted to see that the statues showing hate are taken down. The shootings at schools, the people that feel that we need to be in a constant state of fear will only make people more uptight.

When people are afraid, they don’t think. The fact is that more people are afraid the more they will stay at home and consume things. It seems at times that people want more fear and if you look at some of the news shows you can see what I am talking about.

The person who lives in the White House needs to help cause understanding and peace not one of hate and distrust.

WTF is the ***** doing?

First off, I am sorry for the use of Latin in parts of this but when I get upset I will do things like that to calm down. The translations are next to it.

I get email alerts to high news items and the one I got this evening scares the crap out of me. I got an email with the headline being “Exclusive: Cuba says it’s not behind the mystery illness affecting U.S. diplomats” this is from NBC News.

According to the article the Cubans are forcefully rejecting blame for the US Diplomats getting sick. The current President is saying that the government in Havana is the reason that the people got sick. Now the symptoms that are listed here range from hearing loss & nausea to memory problems and mild traumatic brain injury. ( )

Now I can understand that Trump wants to get rid of the stuff Obama did, why I have no clue, but this is his modus vivendi (style of living).

There are some things that the State Department is doing that makes no sense to me. But once again this seems to be their normas necnon operandi rationes intellectus officium (understanding of the job and procedures). With the Cuban Government saying that they didn’t create the problem then why not let them help try to solve it. They don’t have the tech to create the problem since it is sonic in nature according to the US Government.

The State Department has pulled 60% of its workers out of the embassy, now here is a question for you – if the people who work at the embassy got sick somehow and you don’t know how, would you bring them to your home to spread the condition if contagious? Tu stupri nuces? Nec infernum? (Are you fucking nuts? Hell no!)

So, the current Secretary of State (butt kisser 101) says the reason for pulling our people out was due to the Cuban Government not taking the correct steps to protect our diplomats. So, if I get this right … and I am not sure that I do (but I will try –) The United States Government is saying that the Cuban Government caused the people in the embassy to get sick and the reason for pulling them out {and possibly causing others in the US to get sick} is because the Cuban Government didn’t do enough to protect our diplomats …WTF?!

When I was researching the post, I found this ( “Trump Has Set U.S.-Cuba Relations Back Decades” – “This isn’t a strong statement on human rights. It’s a political sop to voters in Miami.” Now the material is a bit dated (By William M. Leogrande | June 22, 2017, 5:00 PM) The article talks about how Trump is fulfilling a campaign pledge that he made to conservative Cuban – Americans during his presidential campaign, but it is a lousy foreign policy. “”America will expose the crimes of the Castro regime and stand with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom,” Trump declared during a raucous event in Miami last week. “Effective immediately, I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba.” Quare factum est, ut auferat paciscor? Et pro aliis opus est auxilium? (Why take away the deal that was made? Work with it instead to help others!)

Now helping the people overcome the crimes of the Castro regime is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But to cancel a deal to help Cuba is a bad thing. What President Obama did was to lift the embargo that was imposed on the people of Cuba since 1961 until 2014. The embargo never did what it was intended to and that was to reform or topple the Castro Government.

Trump’s new policy won’t do any better. I am not going to write everything down but check out this site for the full article and see the amount of damage that is being done.